Chase: Cecelia sequel


6. She saved my life (Cecelia)

My sapphire blue eyes flutter open, I am looking up at a stone, hard ceiling. Something doesn't make sense, where am I, I can't remember anything after the window, it's all I can see before nothingness, a window! I try to sit upright, but then my vision spins and something - or someone, forces me back down. "Try and get up slowly, and the headrush should go soon." Says someone, interrupting my thoughts. I get up slower this time, and take in my surroundings, I am in a sort of cave, with vines hanging across the entrance, and to my left, almost right next to me, is a girl that I am instantly astonished by. She looks about my age, has hair as black as night that reaches her waist. But I am not surprised by this at all, what astonishes me most is her face. She has the same eyes as me, sapphire blue, same small nose, same full lips. Her face looks just like mine.

"Who are you?" I say, "Why am I here?" I have lost trust in any other human being in existance, the last human being I met wanted to make me a lab rat, my parents left me to fend for myself, who can I trust?

"Don't you remember? You fell out of a window and I barely even managed to save you, you have been unconscious for two days!" Suddenly, I feel really hungry! That girl just saved my life. "My name is Mila, what's yours?"

"My name is Cecelia, Cece for short, that's what Celo sometimes called me." I clamp my hand over my mouth, Celo, what has happened to him? I haven't seen him since the bombs, where is he? Is he alright? Fear rises in me, I can feel myself start to tremble, is he alright? That thought echoes through my head repeatedly. Is he alright? Sweet, kind, impatent Celo might be dead because of me.

"Calm down, have some of this," Mila tells me in a soothing voice, handing me a cup crafted from stone that is filled with a strange substance, Celo might be dead, I have to find him, I have to. Still, I do as Mila tells me, and drink the warm liquid. It calms me down a bit, but not enough. "Who is Celo?" Mila asks me.

"Celo is my best friend, we have been friends ever since we were babies." I explain, shivering at the words.

"So what happened?" She asks, to which I can only supply one word in answer.




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