Chase: Cecelia sequel


12. Armed and shooting (Cecelia)

When I turned around, before my very eyes were hundreds of wierd things that I had never seen before hovering in the air. They were rounded with the wings of an aeroplane, one on each side, and on the bottom was a vivid, lime green circular contraption that looked rather like a cage. Not to mention the two snipers standing on either wing of each and every 'Cagecraft' (that is what I am going to call them from now on).

"Barbetia" I barely whispered. "Now!" Somehow, Barbetia seemed to know what I was thinking before I even did. The snipers all had a bewildered look on their faces, then I realised: I had already tamed their greatest weapon against me and was currently riding on one. I can tell that they weren't prepared for that.

Then, as the purplexed look falls from their faces, they bring out their bows and arrows, but are stopped by Barbetia and I, we are not flying away, no, we are heading right into the middle of the snipers.

Suddenly, fiery death comes spurting out of Barbetia's huge jaws, and singes over half of the snipers, then, pure chaos happens right in front of my eyes, around a quarter of the Cagecrafts catch fire and fall down to the hard, sharp rocks below. The others try and stay upright whilst a few remaining snipers shoot with great accuracy. The rest of the fight is a blur, Barbetia and I are swooping down fast, desperately attempting to dodge the now many arrows heading our way.

I must hit my head on something, because soon my vision begins to spin and my palms become sweaty with anticipation. Then, blank.....

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