He & She

Have you ever tried being in love? Feeling alone? Being frustrated about making a choice?

We all have.

This is small stories about life, everyone can relate to in some way.

Life can be tough, but there's always a way through it.

None of the stories are related to each other in any way.


1. The first step

Hi everyone~ :3 So this is the first story, I would like to share with you all~ :D It’s about how hard it can be to choose, that you want to be happy and believe, that you’re good enough - no matter what others might say. You’re perfect just the way you are. You just have to take the first step yourself.


"No." she stubbornly said in a muffled voice, as she stood her ground. She wasn't going to move. "Come on." He tried once again to get her to move out of her spot, she had been standing on forever, "what's the worst that can happen?" "They'll see the true me," this was the thing, that she was most afraid of. Why should she move, when she knew her spot? Even if it meant, that she would have to keep crying forever. "Then they'll see something beautiful." A bashful statement left his lips, but he didn't regret it. She had to understand. "That's exactly it. They won't," belittling herself once again, she looked away as a tear strolled down her cheek. "How do you know?" He knew, that if he didn't get her to move, she would be stuck forever. "I've tried," another tear followed the first one, and before she knew it, it was too late to stop them. "No you haven't," he wouldn't give up. He just wished, that he could show her, how perfect she was through his eyes. "I'm sorry," she used her sleeve to remove some of her tears, as she sobbed loudly. "For what?" She had no reason to apologize. He was sure, that she had done nothing wrong. "Everything," closing her eyes she took a deep breath, but the sobs didn't stop afterwards. "That's not specific enough." Trying to get eye contact with her, he locked his eyes on her, even though she quickly looked away. "I don't know," she tried to speak loudly enough for him to hear, but it came out as an insecure mumble, as she looked back at him. "You have no reason to be sorry," how could he get through to her? She needed to understand, that she was perfect just the way she were. "I have tons," this time it wasn't a mumble. Maybe because she was sure in her case this time around? "You're not going to move?" changing the topic he stared deeply into her eyes. Just as if he was staring into her soul to find the right answers. "No," a stubborn girl - a stubborn statement. What else could he expect? "I'll make you," he would prove to her, that he was even more stubborn. That he would win this fight. Not for his own sake but for hers. "What's the use? No one cares." Loneliness filled up her body, as she tried to convince herself, that she needed nobody in her life. "I care," he really did. Why didn't she understand? "You don't. It's only temporary." She couldn't trust him. She couldn't trust anyone. She was alone. "Then why am I still here?" It was true. If it was only temporary, he would had left long ago, "can't you trust me?" "I can't trust anyone," she shook her head, as another sob left her lips. "I don't care," he told her, "you need to leave your spot." "But it's mine," she stated the obvious. What else could she do at this point? "I'll help you find a new one," he told her, as he reached for her hand, but she hid it behind her back. "You can't," She said, as she was about to take a step back, when she remembered, that she had to stay at her spot. She couldn't leave. it would mess everything up. "I'll help you find your smile!" He intended to keep his promise. He always did. And he was sure, that he would. "I don't need it," a tear left from the corner of her eye. She had thought, that she wouldn't be able to cry more ever again, but apparently she could. "Why can't you see how perfect you are?" anger had found its way to his stomach. His patience was running out, and it was getting frustrating, how she didn't want to listen, "why is it so important what others might think about you? You just have to love yourself - that's enough!" "Because I am what others think! I am, what they make me!" it was true. If someone make you an out-cast, you are one. It's how society works. "Are you a saint or a sinner?" it came out as a calm question even though, he felt like shaking her, until she understood, what he was trying to say. "What?" She didn't understand the question - not that she was meant to. "Have you done anything wrong?" He asked her. He needed to throw her one brick at a time, as he helped her build her bridge. "I guess not...?" Insecurity took over as she fumbled with the end of her blouse. She didn't understand, where he was going with those questions. "Then do you have anything to be ashamed of?" He caught her eyes for the first time. He locked their eyes, and he knew, that she wouldn't dare to look away. "No," she said confidently for the time. She had nothing to be ashamed of. She had a wonderful family. Good friends. And her grades were good too. "Then why are you stuck at this spot?" He really hoped, that she soon enough would realize, that she had to take the first step. "Because I'm afraid," fear was shown in her eyes, but she didn't look away. He made her feel safe. "You don't have to. You're good enough," he really wished for her to rely on him, "you decide for yourself, who you are, and then you show others, that they're wrong. It's not their choice." "I'm afraid," she harshly made her hands into balls ready to hit someone. She was too scared to move. "I'm here," She had to move soon. She had to. "You'll catch me?" instead of an answer she got a nod, as he reached for her hand for the second time, "you'll be there?" "I'll be your pillar," he didn't have to say anymore, as she slowly lifted her foot, which had been planted firmly to the ground just a minute ago. "You'll never leave?" still unsure about her choice, she hadn't taken the step yet. She was afraid of, where the step would lead her. "Never." But he didn't keep his promise. He released his tight grip on of her hand, as he kept staring at her, "but you have to take the first step yourself. You have to learn, that sometimes you have to be lonely, before everything can go right." "I understand," she was scared, but she understood, what he meant. She couldn't make time stand still. She had to move on. Moving her foot once again she took the first step into her future.

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