Snowed in

Paige is ready to get out of school and go skiing with her youth group. She wants to see her friends, her crush and most of all do some skiing! When a great storm comes, she is happy to play in the snow. That's until she realizes they're snowed in. At first she's devastated, but could she use it as an opportunity to get closer to her crush?


2. Chapter two

Paige sat in the car calmly as her mom drove her to the church. So many thoughts were zooming through her mind. Will I be the first person there? Am I going to be a good skier? Will Asher say hi? Before she knew it, they had arrived.
"Honey, we're here." her mom said. Paige hadn't even noticed. She swung open the door, grabbed her bag, and walked towards the church. In order to fit the whole group, they had one bus and two vans. Paige and her friends always sat in the bus, because there was more room.
As she walked towards the bus, two cold hands covered her eyes.
" Guess who?" a girl said.
" I know it's you Syd." Paige replies as she takes the girls hands off her eyes. "No one else but you does that."
" True." Syd says and laughs. " No one else is as cool as I am."
" Right..." Paige says sarcastically. They both start laughing hysterically.
" What's so funny?" a voice behind them says. Paige and Syd turn around to see their other friend, Carmen. Carmen, Paige, and Syd were inseparable. As soon as they met, they were best friends. Just like that. The three girls hugged each other and smiled. It was obvious to Paige that Syd and Carmen were just as happy about this trip as she was.
" Hey! Asher's here." Carmen said as she waved for him to come over. Paige wished she could go and talk to Asher like Carmen could, but she was too scared.
" Hey Paige. What's up?" Asher asked.
Paige tried to say something back, but all she could do was smile.

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