This is the tale of Jeraz, the young half-elf who lived in discrimination from the humans of Fogstead, until the fateful day, where a myterious man enters his home, and tells him of his ancestry, his blessed bloodline. As of that day, all the evils have seemed to come his way, and he wouldn't be surprised if the world ended tomorrow.

This is part 2/3 of a "trilogy", named The Khronum Legacy.


4. Chapter 4: Practice

Ethella stepped forward, and frowned in protest “You don’t know?! Aren’t you supposed to be a skilled chrono-mage, and prophet? And you foresaw Jave’s destiny– what is wrong with this one?” Porthus bent his head in shame “I must admit, I could not get a clear picture of his destiny. It was just a big, black mass, with a dark cold feeling to it. Probably something evil, but that is no different from anything your ancestors have fought against. It has always been some world-threatening menace of evil. I am afraid that you will have to find your destiny yourself, Jeraz. Although I have faith in the gods, that they will lead you down the right path.” “So… I am supposed to find something, which resembles a big black mass? Well… That’s going to be a bothersome one indeed.” Jeraz said, and rolled his eyes. “Well, as I said, I couldn’t get a clear picture. It could be so much more than a black, insubstantial mass. It could be a sign, or a glimpse. That is for you to find out. But nevertheless, I have some other news. Good news, actually.” Porthus said, and lightened up. “While you were still a kid, I was using my free time to take a few more journeys. I have been more or less everywhere, and just recently, I encountered something quite significant. A new spell! It is designed for reaching into the after-life, and pulling a soul from the realm of the dead, and into an inanimate object, which could be anything. I could reach in after nearly everyone, I could bring back the deceased king, but I think I know someone, who might be more significant for you. Although the binding is not permanent, it should let you have quite a chat with this man.” Porthus said, and winked at Jeraz., who obviously not understanding anything, just resorted to keeping still. Porthus walked towards one of the suits of armor, and pulled an inked pen from his pocket. Well, what he figured was ink, as he didn’t want to wonder further about, why the ink was red. As he approached the suit of armor, he laid a hand on the chest piece, and began drawing around his hand with the “Inked” pen. He closed his eyes, and began mumbling softly, equally as incomprehensible as the last time he performed an incantation. A strange, purple mist began emitting from within the suit of armor, and it shook slightly. As the red outline of Porthus’ hand was drawn onto the armor, he stepped back a few steps, as the shaking of the armor increased. The purple mist seeped out from the chinks and holes in the armor, making it look like something was brewing inside the armor. The sound of murmuring voices began echoing off the walls, and the entire building began to seem blurry, and unfocused. Jeraz stepped closer to Ethella, as he gripped tightly around the book in his hands. The murmuring voices increased, and suddenly a quick, piercing wail was heard, and Jeraz covered his ears. With a flash, the mist retracted back into the armor, the voices stopped, and everything seemed to gain focus again. Porthus smiled proudly, and looked at the suit of armor, which calmed down. “Arright, wot th’ heck is this?” A metallic voice spoke from within the armor. “Aha! It worked! Welcome Jave, to the present. We are about 29 years after your death, and you have been resting in the after-life for just about that time. I have summoned you here, in this suit of armor, to have a little talk with your son.” Porthus said, and smiled at Jave. The head of the suit turned around a few times, and stopped, facing Jeraz “Is that the chap? Ha! He’s got pointy ears, just like his old lady.” Jave burst out from within the armor. Clanking loudly, the legs of the armor moved, and the armor made its way to Jeraz. Jeraz looked into the eyes of the armor, and there was simply a dark, purple mist within. “So laddie… Has Porthus ‘ere told ye ‘bout yer duty, and that stuff, eh?” Jave’s voice spoke from within, in an intimidating, metallic fashion. “Erhm… Yes, yes he has, sir.” Jeraz replied, with a shaking, hesitating voice. “Sir? Arh, c’mon boy, I’m yer father, don’ call me “Sir”. It makes me feel all noble, an’ wot not.” Jave said, and folded his metallic arms. “Also, Porthus…Why’d ye place me in this tin-can, eh? I can’t feel me legs, nor anythin’ else. Didn’t ye have anythin’ more fittin’ like… Uhm… Well, jus’ not a suit o’ armor.” He said, and turned to Porthus. “Well, your corpse was completely scorched beyond recognition. If I didn’t find Purniik in your sheath, then I simply would have passed you by.” Porthus said, and grinned. “Aye, tha’ last word there hurt quite th’ lot.” Jave said, and scratched the back of his helmet, where his neck should have been. He suddenly went silent, as the helmet turned in Ethella’s direction. He let out a metallic chuckle, and pointed at her “Well, look at you… Ye haven’t changed one bit, since I last saw ye. Still as pretty a lass as the one I fell for.” Ethella smiled at him, and walked up to him. She grinned at him, and tapped him on the chest piece “Although I can’t say the same about you… Yet you’re never going to stop speaking like that, are you?” She said, smiling. “Speak like wot?” “Never mind…” Porthus nudged in between them, and cleared his throat “I’m sorry to say this, but we need to stay focused on the current situation. Jave, I brought you here, because you need to teach your son how to master his tongue, as you did. He is your flesh and blood; I believe he would learn best from you.” “Huh? Wait, ye want me to show him how to wag his tongue, in a proper fashion? Sheesh, you taught me finely, why can’t you jus’ do it?” he said, and glared at Porthus with empty eye sockets. “Well, I just figured you’d like to know your son a little better… He deserves to know who his father was.” “I really shouldn’t take no guff from no chrono-mage… But sod it, I’ll teach the lad. But can I still toss fire and what not, in this tin-can?” Jave asked, holding up his hand, and wiggling his fingers. “Oh yes. If the soul and words are there, then it will have an equal effect, as if you were still in your true body.” Porthus said, nodding a few times. “Now, come along. I have acquired a new training area, for you and your son, Jave. It’s quite a fascinating area.” He said, and rubbed his hands in excitement, before heading towards the exit once more. The door, which they entered through, stood right in the middle of the hall, with the collapsed part behind. Porthus stepped up to the door, and performed the same spell, touching the door with glowing fingertips, and letting his hand descend down across it. He looked back, at Ethella, Jeraz and Jave, who stood side by side. He turned back to the door, and opened it, with a grin on his face.

As the door swung open, a damp, cold wind caught them off-guard, and ruffled Ethella and Jeraz’s hair. Peering in, Jeraz saw a dark, mossy ground. His curiosity demanded that he took a closer look, and he blindly complied. Following Porthus through the door, he found himself in a large ring, an arena of sorts. It was clearly abandoned, the walls around them covered in moss and vines, with old, deserted audience seats on top of the walls. Looking upwards, a silent, silver moon was shining down upon them, sending its luminous beams down through the net of branches and leaves, from the towering trees surrounding the arena. It was dark, the source of light being the eerie, gloomy moon. Jeraz stepped up beside Porthus, keeping completely silent, only muttering softly to himself “What is this place?”. It was just a murmur, almost completely soundless, as Jeraz stood stifled in fascination. The silence was broken when Jave’s iron feet clanked and rustled, as he also stepped into the arena. “Whassis? Looks like somethin’ dragged out from a story designed to scare children.” Jave said, and folded his arms. “This is a place I stumbled upon, when I was venturing the eastern lands of the dark elves. It is long abandoned, and rumored to be cursed. Werewolves and vampires are said to roam these parts, but I have a hard time believing such nonsense.” Porthus said, and strolled over to the door, as Ethella entered. This time, the door seemed to go straight into the mossy wall, whereas the other times, the door just stood in nothing. Porthus slammed the door shut, and the sound of falling energy was heard, indicating that the portal was no more. “So, as said, this place will be where you, Jave, will be teaching your son the structure and systems of your khron. Do it as you please, just make sure that by the end of this day… Uhm... Night, he will be prepared for what he will face, once he journeys out to fulfill his destiny.” Porthus said, and gestured Ethella to come closer. “But first, would you mind helping me and your lover here up on the audience seats? We don’t want to get ripped to shreds by your training now, do we?” He said, and grinned. Ethella stepped up beside him, and smiled at Jave, keeping silent. Jave nodded his helmet, and held out his hands in a rather menacing fashion. Within the cracks of his armor, the blue mist seemed to stir, and Jave uttered the word “Hraan!”. Blue flames crackled from his palms, and Ethella and Porthus seemed to glow light blue, as they slowly lifted up from their feet. Jeraz’s eyes widened, shifting his gaze between Jave and his handiwork, as Ethella and Porthus were slowly lifted up onto the walls, and close to the audience seats. Jave clenched his hands, and extinguished the blue fire, letting Ethella and Porthus drop. Porthus performed a gracious bow, and held his hands around his mouth, shouting to Jave “Now get to it! Show your son how it’s done!” Jave spun around on his heel, facing Jeraz, and let out an intimidating, metallic chuckle. “Alright laddie, look, I ain’t gonna hold back, but you have the advantage here. Ye have a weapon, and the dictionary, so ye’d better make good use of it. As for me, I am a friggin’ tin-can, and I’m already dead. For all I care, lop my metallic head off when ye eye yer chance.” “Well… I don’t even know how to channel my blessing properly. Couldn’t you-“ “Enough talk!” Jave shouted, and charged forward, and clenched his fist. Jeraz started, drew Purniik from his belt, and dropped into a defensive position. “Zirr!” Jave screamed with his metallic, crackling voice, and his fist combusted into a bright flame. Jeraz’s heart skipped a beat, as Jave’s fiery fist came darting towards Jeraz’s chest. Jeraz held up purniik, his keen mind of a hunter kicking in, and he swiftly bashed Jave’s fist away, while leaping to his left. Jave’s heavy fist slammed straight down into his ground, and he let out a displeased grunt. Jeraz’s hand was shaking, his grip around Purniik’s hilt tight, as he dropped into another defensive position, facing Jave. He pulled out the book, taking the chance to look through a couple of words, before Jave staggered up on his feet. “Ye’re quick. I like that” Jave uttered, and let out a crackling snicker. Meanwhile, Jeraz was flipping through several pages, looking for a word that might aid him. He stopped at one page, and put his finger on a word. He grinned, and looked towards Jave, and opened his mouth to speak, but he wasn’t quick enough. Jave had already lifted his hand, pointing at Jeraz with an iron finger. “Frim!” He wailed, his voice seeming unnaturally high-pitched, as a twisting and turning energy wrapped around his finger, merged at the tip of it, and exploded in a blinding, pale light. Jeraz’s eyeballs felt as if they were on fire, and he instantly covered his eyes, dropping his book. He uttered a painful wail, as his vision was stunned, and colors blinked and faded, his mind obviously confused by the blinding flash. He could see nothing that made sense, but he could hear a repetitive thumping, which grew closer. He held his breath, and stiffened, as he knew what was coming to him. The thumping stopped before him, and a thunderous pain surged through his chest, as he felt Jave’s iron foot slamming against his chest, sending him tumbling back. He rolled a few times backwards, and landed on his back, face upwards. The glimmering colors were fading from his vision, and he could see the moon above, as well as the gloomy, dark trees. He was breathing quickly, his heart racing, as he saw Jave’s iron body step up before him. “You disappoint me, lad. I had expected a strike, maybe two, and what do ye give me? Sheesh, grow up kiddo.” Jave exclaimed, and folded his metal arms. Jeraz’s mind was clouded, but he managed to eye his chance. He lifted his foot up, and kicked forward, his foot going straight for Jave’s chest piece, while shouting with all his might “Vuun!”. His foot gained a blue outline, and as he struck Jave’s chest piece, a sound resembling thunder roared throughout the forest. Birds flew out of the treetops, and wolfish howls were heard in the distance, as Jave’s chest piece was ripped from the rest of the armor, and flew straight to the other end of the arena, slamming against the mossy walls. The rest of the armor fell to the ground, dead as pieces of armor should be. Jeraz panted heavily, and quickly got back up on his feet, ready for more combat, his heart racing with distress and confusion. Did he really just utilize his khron? It felt strangely natural, as if it lay deep within his instincts. It was nearly a reflex. He eyed the situation before him, jave’s pieces of armor lay still, yet the mist clung onto it. “Arh, ye sneaky little bastard. I thought I beat ya, yet ye kicked me in the gut- well, where my gut should be, and I didn’t even see it comin’. Gotta say, I figured I was better than tha’.” Jave said, yet Jeraz just stood confused, his eyes darting through the arena, trying to figure out where the voice came from. “Oi! Down here, ye gump!” Jave shouted, and Jeraz looked down, to see Jave’s helmet at his feet. Jeraz stayed silent, as he kneeled down, and held the helmet up before himself. The purple mist dripped from it, as Jave said with his metallic voice “Arright, now get the rest o’ me armor, will ya? I can’t exactly do much in this state.” “How do I know you won’t just kick me in the chest once I assemble you?” “I guess you don’t. But I think Porthus thinks ye’re done fightin’.” A slow clap was heard from behind, as Porthus stood up on the walls, smiling at Jeraz.

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