In The Woods

This is a short story that i made up in my spare time. Enjoy :)


1. Running in the woods

I ran, twigs snapped underneath my feet with every step I took. Heavy foot steps slapped the forest floor behind me as they tracked the trail of broken sticks I’d left behind. The steps were quickening, gaining; but never stopped. Their aim clear- me, so I kept on running like my life depended on it. Which it did. Suddenly a blurred figure about 8 meters long, jumped out of nowhere, crashing into my right side, sending me sideways into a thorn bush. The blur turned out to beanover-grown wolf about 9 meters long with a long grey body and a black stripe from itsnose to the middle of its back. It stared at me; with menacing eyes that could create a hole on your face with 1 look. It had me pined down, in the bush with a paw covered in bloody-mud clamped over my mouth, to seal the scream locked in my throat.
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