A Life Of Mine

Do you Keep on failing, or so you may feel


1. Praying for life


I keep on Making mistakes

I keep on failing, or so I feel

I keep on Making my own life harder.

I still keep praying, Praying for change.

Life never seem to change.

I seem to blockade my way to life's goods.


I keep on changing my life to fit.

I keep on fighting for my life

But I never seem to manage to fit -

How do you manage, when you keep on failing.

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes I see myself cry.

I realize, a tear falling from my cheek.

I just wipe it away - and keep going on.


Life may never change, I may keep on failing

But I cannot do anything -  Perhaps in time life will turn my way

Maybe god will hear my prayers - While I keep on getting stronger

Maybe it takes days, maybe even years, but I will reach what you reached.

And i will manage - .


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