How I occupy my consciousness.


6. sechs

I wish I could write poetry - so concise and yet so poignant, the kind that radiates intelligence and deep thought. I wish I could creates worlds in my imagination, put my articulacy to some use, not just string together words that but fly over people's heads. I wish I could talk as I write without umming and ahing, without feeling like a thoroughly pretentious arse. I wish I was Briony Tallis in the first scene of Atonement (the film adaptation) sitting in her pretty 1930s bedroom with the click clack of typewriter keys and no modern technology to detract from her creativity. I wish I knew all the words in the dictionary and they would dawn on me as I needed them. I wish I was fluent in tongues other than my mother tongue. I wish I always had a statement to make, something to be said, but sometimes I just don't. I wish, I wish, I wish.

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