The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


13. Unknown Enemy

   When the sunlight streamed through my curtains the next morning,  I grumbled to myself. I hadn't had a very good sleep as I'd had a nightmare. I heard Annie's scream from downstairs, so I rushed down to see the man from the picture in the book with wild hair, holding her up against the wall by her neck. He dropped her to the floor with a crack and she lay still. I cried out and he started to thunder towards me, but the front door was locked. He morphed into a wolf in midair and sunk his fangs into my neck. Then I was awake, panting and sweating.

   I lay in bed for a couple more minutes, but I couldn't get back to sleep. I swung out of bed and walked tiredly downstairs. Mum and Dad had arrived back from the wedding they went to very early this morning.

   "Okay Lydia?", Dad said ruffling my hair. "Up to anything today?".

   "I might go and do some drawing down by the lake. I haven't gone down in a while", I lied.

   "Why don't you go too?", Dad asked Annie. She sighed but nodded to my surprise. I wolfed down two slices of buttered toast, licking the crumbs from my fingers. I dressed in a pair of scruffy jeans and put on a long sleeved top, pulling a hoodie over my head as I went back down the stairs. I snatched up a sketch book and a couple of different gradient pencils. Annie was strangely already dressed before I had even had breakfast. Maybe she hasn't slept well either.

   "Bye girls!", Dad called as we walked out the door.

   After walking for about ten minutes in complete silence, nearly to the path through the forest, Annie spoke out.

   "I had a weird dream last night. I walked into your room and you were changing into different animals really fast, so fast that you started to blur. I told you to stop it or you might hurt yourself but you carried on, so I came over to you and reached out to grab you. You stopped but you were this giant monster made up of different animals. I screamed, then the dream ended. It was very frightening".

   "I didn't sleep well either", I admitted. "I don't want to talk about my dream though. Anyway, why did you want to come with me to the lake?".

   We were exiting the forest now and the sunlight reflected off the lake's surface.

   "I wanted to practise my dance outside but somewhere peaceful and quiet where no one will watch. I thought here would be appropriate. Plus the breeze will give a cool effect and blow my hair back, like I'm in a music video or something!".

   I raised my eyebrows but didn't say anything. She was very serious about her dance after all. I sat down on a big rock nearby the lake so the long grass didn't get in the way of my drawing. I pulled a pencil and my sketch book out from my hoodie's front pocket and started to sketch the lake. Annie had taken out her phone and started playing the track for her dance competition. Some remix of very fast and upbeat songs, to match her dancing. I sketched the water weeds growing up out of the lake and tried to get the lake's reflected surface absolutely perfect. I looked up to see Annie dancing, extremely well of course. There was a huge gust of wind which nearly blew her over and we both started laughing.

   We didn't notice it until it was right next to us and barking, drool dripping from its jaws. It was a dog but it looked more like a small monster. It was one of those violent dogs which often got into trouble on the news because its owner hadn't looked after it properly or trained it to attack. It had short black fur with small ears and a short muzzle. It revealed a row of sharp fangs and a growl escaped from its mouth. Annie turned to run but I grabbed her arm.

   "It's fine", I whispered. "Keep calm. Its owner is probably on the path in the forest".

   Yet after a minute or so, the owner did not come and we were stuck with this dog staring at us with evil little eyes. I had a crazy idea but it would have to do. We needed the dog to go away.

   I morphed into a huge Great Dane which towered over the dog. It looked taken aback for a second then launched forward, biting my fore leg. I howled with pain and the dog went racing off. I looked down to see a wound, thankfully not too deep but with a trickle of crimson red blood seeping out. I ignored this and transformed into a cheetah. I needed to catch the dog up, then scare it away. I sprinted effortlessly forward. I didn't look back to check on Annie, she was safe. I had a clear sight of the dog. Within seconds, I was by its side and I growled ferociously at it. The dog turned its head and pulled its lips back to show its teeth, in what looked like a grin before... I didn't know. It had completely disappeared.

   I stopped in my tracks and grinded to a halt. I looked around confused. One moment it was there then the next it appeared to have shrunk to nothing. I turned round to look at Annie, who looked just as baffled. I shook my head as a bee buzzed annoyingly by my ear that made me lose concentration. A small, sharp pain came from my back. The bee had stung me! I tried to roll over onto my back, intending to crush it but something heavy pushed down onto my back making me collapse to the floor. With all my power, I pushed myself up and a cheetah tumbled off my back. I didn't have time to think about what had just happened before the cheetah snapped its teeth inches away from my face. I dodged a swipe of its claw which could have easily taken my eye out. I pounced onto it and we rolled across the grass, snarling in eachothers faces and clawing eachother.

   I managed to push the cheetah off me with my hind legs before it caused me anymore damage. It pulled itself tiredly off the ground but I was too fast. My paw flew forward and I left three bloody lines running right through its eye. The cheetah whined and tried to run but it was too worn out. Instead, it transformed into a magpie and flew off.

   I morphed in mid run back to my human self towards Annie. She ran forward and clutched me in a hug.

   "Are you okay?! Oh look at your arm!", she cried. My arm had a bite mark in it, luckily quite small but there was still a bit of blood oozing out. It hurt terribly.

   "Let's go home and get it washed then. Mum will know what to do", I told Annie.

   "That was one of your kind wasn't it? Do you know who?".

   "Yes it was. But I have no idea who it was".


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