The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


7. Underwater World

   Zoe's sports car sped down the road.

   "Honestly, I really won't be able to do this!", I told her pleadingly.

   "You don't know until you try! Right we're just going to go to the lake near the town centre, if you know where that is. Then you can just practise transforming into a fish. Just don't go transforming into a shark or a manatee or something", Zoe told me.

   What the heck was a manatee? I thought to myself. I cast this thought aside and shrunk lower into the leather seat. I'd never learnt to swim. I was just too scared of not being able to feel the floor, or if the water was murky, not being able to see what lurked underneath...

   I had told my parents that I was just going for a long walk into town to have a look on what to spend my birthday money on. I really wished that was actually happening, instead of going to swim for the first time. I supposed being a fish would be easier to swim, but I was still petrified. Underwater, it would be a whole new world.

   We pulled up onto the kerb, where a small dirt path lead into the trees. I had been here before a number of times, usually in the summer to relax by the lake, which was on the other side of the trees in a field filled with wildflowers. It was very beautiful, and I had sat there painting the scenery before.

   "So!" Zoe began, as we reached the lakeside. "You'll be absolutely fine, swimming will just come naturally as a fish. I promise you, I've done it lots of times".

   I sighed and kicked off my shoes and socks. I dipped a toe into the water, a ripple emerging from the point I touched. It seemed very cold, but I told myself I would just have to get over it.

   I went in further till I was ankle deep in the lake. Various water plants tickled my toes and scratchy pebbles grazed my feet. I was about to become a fish, making my way through the mysterious lake, able to survive without air. With that, I transformed into one, with grey scales that had a greenish shine when the light reflected off them.

   I was right. This lake was now a vast new planet, the water plants now a jungle. I swished my tail from side to side. To my surprise, I moved forward. I continued to this and my body was propelled through the plants. It was like a maze, the plants reaching high above me. I swam through them to reveal a magnificent sight.

   I had found the middle of the lake, where the lake floor was far below, so there was a wide open space to swim in. Shoals of silvery fish darted here and there, a mouldy green frog paddled up to surface. It truly was amazing. The water was clear now, so the underwater life was revealed. The sunlight shone through the water, making pillars of light appear.

   I swam as fast as I could round and round the open area, twisting and turning, spiralling everywhere. It was probably very simple to tell which fish was the person of Morph Descendant, and which fish were real. I was shocked at my own enjoyment at swimming; I would have to learn as a human. Maybe my experience would make me good at it!

    I turned round ready to go back to the shallows but I noticed all the fish had gone. A rather small one shot into the reeds. I felt guilty; it was probably all my larking about that scared them!

   A noise of something moving through the water, a kind of wooshing noise, came from being me. I whipped round to see a water snake, black with dark brown, stripy patches. It slithered towards me, gliding effortlessly. My tiny heart beat faster, about to explode out of my chest. I needed to stay calm. I was frozen with fear, so I could not swim away, though I was sure I was faster than it.

   I transformed into a replica of the water snake and flashed my fangs to try and ward it off. It stayed there, a knowing glint in its eyes. I lunged forward, giving it a bite round the middle to show it to leave me alone, but the snake reacted quickly and clamped my tail in its mouth. In seconds, I was flung away closer to the shallows. I decided it was my only chance so I fled into the safety of the plants. The other water snake was hot on my tail (which ached a little) and I slithered faster, through the weeds, onto land and morphed back into a human.

   I was shocked to see the other snake do the same. My mouth fell open as I saw who it was.

   "I can't believe you would frighten me like that Zoe!", I cried angrily. "I could have ended up...killing you or something!".

   "I thought I was better at fighting than you", Zoe grinned.

   I huffed and walked back onto the path and through the trees.

   "Oh come on Lydia! It was just a bit of fun! I wanted to see how you were! Besides, you know now that you're capable of any animal, land or sea!", Zoe said enthusiastically.

   She was right. However I was still annoyed at her. I could have seriously hurt her, and she petrified me! "Hang on, why would I even need to change into every animal? Why would I ever need to change into a sea animal? Why would I transform into a wild animal that's so noticeable? Why-"

   "Look, Lydia, no need to ask so many questions!", Zoe interrupted. "I'm sure they will come in very useful one day, even if you don't think so right now."

   I was back to the start again. Needing answers. I thought everything was clear now once Zoe had shown up, but it wasn't. What use was my power? Sure, it would be fun now and again to morph into an everyday animal and the stopping transformation training was extremely sensible, but wild animals? Sea creatures? It just didn't seem right. There must be more to it then a bit of fun.

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