The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


9. Technique

   Zoe's car stopped abruptly and I peered out to see where we were. I hadn't taken any notice of where we were going, I was too busy worrying about what was about to happen. I noticed we were exactly where Zoe had taken me for my swimming training.

   I got out the car slowly and cautiously, terrified that something was going to pounce on me and I would have to react instantly. Zoe laughed at my expression.

   "I'm not going to set wolves on you or anything!", she giggled, pulling me through the path to the sceneric field. "You're going to watch some fighting first, then you'll have a little go of your own!".

   Standing by the side of the dreaded lake where Zoe had scared me so much before, were five people. I assumed these were the people of Morph descendant that I would witness fight. I could not imagine what the fighting would look like. They would have to react so fast, decide what animal to change into so quickly and be very, very clever to outwit each other.

   Zoe introduced me to all of them. There were two older people; a tall, slender woman with sleek brown hair called Amelia and a man called Nathan with curly brown hair who towered over everyone, his muscles straining under his t-shirt. There were then two teenagers and a very young looking girl. The two teenagers were twins, Josh and Sophia, with the exact same blonde hair, green eyes and slim features. Zoe introduced me to the little girl last. She must have been about nine or ten. Her name was Lily, which matched her perfectly; she looked so fragile and pretty with her sweet freckles and wide hazel eyes. Her hair shone in the sun with all sorts of different colours, but it had a beautiful gold tint to it. I could definitely not imagine her fighting! I imagined she would dart away as a small creature and go for speed and agility rather than strength.

   "People like you have been living in the exact same area as you Lydia and you haven't even known!", Zoe revealed.

   I grinned. I wasn't so alone as I thought!

   "First, we will see the twins against each other. Notice the different techniques each person uses in each fight", Zoe added.

   I watched as the twins separated and walked to either side of the field. I held my breath as they stood there poised to attack. The long grass and wildflowers stopped swaying in the breeze, as if stopping to observe.

   Sophia sprang forward, sprinting towards her twin with a look of determination on her face. Josh dashed across the field with as much speed as his sister. They were getting closer and closer until I was certain they were going to collide headfirst, so I gasped and turned my head away. The sound I was dreading didn't come. I whipped my head round to see two leopards, hissing and spitting at each other, their fur standing on end. They circled round each other, never removing their hard stare. I could not tell which was Josh and Sophia.

   One striked forward with its enormous paws, leaving a graze just under the other leopard's eye. The injured leopard growled in pain and swiped back, intending to get revenge, but the other dodged it, charged forward and butted it in the shoulder, knocking the wounded big cat to the ground. The triamphunt leopard gave a series of short roars which sounded suspiciously like laughter. It walked off, showing off and swishing its tail back and forth.

   It was too late before the foolish cat realised its mistake; turning its back. The other leopard had regained its strength and hurtled forward, pouncing and landing heavily on its opponent. The pair rolled across the ground in a frenzy of paws and hisses.

   "Alright that's enough you two!", Zoe chuckled, clapping her hands as a sign for them to stop. The two morphed to reveal that the injured one was actually Sophia who had a scratch under her right eye. The twins laughed and nudged each other. They returned to our sides and Zoe started to question me.

   "What did you notice about their technique Lydia?"

    "Well, I saw that Josh went more for strength and attack, while Sophia went for speed and skill".

    "Well spotted Lydia! Also, notice how they changed into the exact same animal. This is very important, as this gives them the opportunity to have the same advantage as the other; they are equal".

   I took this in, thinking of putting this to use when I had a go. I still didn't reckon I'd be any good.

   Now, it was time for Nathan and Amelia to fight. Unlike the twins, they did not build up suspense and went straight into it. One second they were standing in the grass then the next Amelia was off, in the form of a graceful antelope. It didn't take long for Nathan to transform into a speedy cheetah, which looked bulkier than your average cheetah. Nathan's leg muscles bulged as it streaked after Amelia, who was only a couple of paces ahead of him.

   Amelia bounded around the lake, so quick but yet so carefree, like she was gliding. Nathan followed, very close behind her.

   After another couple of laps around the lake, I realised what Amelia was doing; tiring Nathan out! He may have had extreme speed, but he didn't have the stamina. Amelia had outwitted him!

    Nathan collapsed on the floor then changed back to his human self.

   "I give up!", he gasped. "You win Amelia".

   Amelia transformed into the brown haired woman I recognised and cheered.

   Zoe leaned forward and said,"Nathan hardly ever admits defeat! Now you know that you have to think fast and be cunning. It's your turn against Lily now!".

   I panicked. What if I hurt her? She was so small and skinny, I felt as if one touch would break her. However, Lily skipped forward to the center of the field and smiled, waiting for me to come over. I edged slowly towards her. I don't think I could bring myself to fight this innocent girl!

   "Don't worry", she grinned mischieviously. "I'll go easy on you".

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