The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


14. Hurt and Confusion

   Back in the safety of my house, Mum cleaned my bite wound and bandaged it up. I told her the truth...partially. I told her I was bitten by a dog but we couldn't see sight of its owner. Mum was fussing over me but I eventually persuaded her that all I needed was a lie down.

   Up in my bedroom of course, I couldn't lie down. I was too confused about what had happened. It wasn't like I had provoked this person to attack me. I went through all the people I knew who were of Morph Descendant in my head but none of them would do such a thing. I knew however that I was an enemy to this person somehow, so he or she was now my enemy too.

   "Lydia?", said Annie, poking her head round the door. "Can I come in?". I nodded and she came over, sitting on the end of my bed. "Are you sure you didn't know who that was?".

   "I am completely sure. All the people I know like me are my friends. I didn't realise there were more, especially one who has something against me...".

   "I've changed my mind Lydia. I want to be involved in your business if it means you're in trouble. I know it's soppy but you're my twin sister. You need someone to help you and I'm the only one who knows about you".

   I was shocked by her sentiment but I knew she was right. I did need all the help I could get. What if the person attacked again? What if it attacked me in the house? I couldn't let my family get hurt. I couldn't warn them either, I couldn't tell them know my secret. My main priority now was making sure that no more family members got involved.

   Annie then decided to practise for her dance competition and get changed, leaving me alone with nothing to do but ponder over my thoughts. I decided to try and forget about what had happened previously that day, laying down on my bed with relaxing music on. However my mind was alive with thoughts and I couldn't get into a comfy position. I twisted and turned, huffing to myself.

   "Thought I'd check on you", a voice said. I looked up to see Zoe. She should have knocked before barging in on me. She was wearing this vile brown skirt which came all the way down to her ankles. She was wearing no shoes so her painted toe nails of green, yellow and brown were revealed. Her jumper was a mud brown. I wasn't the best with fashion but I was sure I could give her some advice. Annie would probably faint at the sight of her.

   "I'm fine, the usual. I got attacked by a dog who turned out to be from The Morph Kin", I told her. Zoe's eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

   "What?!", she finally blurted out.

   "You heard me. No, I don't know who it was or why they attacked me, but it's true!", I said. I heard the front door close, assuming it was Annie leaving for her dance competition. I ran to the window and shouted good luck as Annie climbed into the car. She waved back and gave me a small smile. Wow. She actually smiled at me.

   "That doesn't make any sense! You better keep an eye out and I will too. I'll warn you if I see anything suspicious", Zoe exclaimed. So Zoe didn't know who it was either. I would have thought she might have known or had at least some idea who it could have been.

   "Lydia! Your friend is here!", Dad called up the stairs. It wasn't the best time when I was so puzzled but I didn't want to be rude and maybe it would take my mind off things.

   "I better go see who it is sorry. I'll talk to you another time", I apologised to Zoe. "By the way, you better take me clothes shopping with you next time you need new clothes. I could help you out". Zoe pushed me playfully and rolled her eyes, then left through the window.

   I ran quickly down the stairs and to the front door to see Aiden standing there.

  "Hey!", he smiled. "I thought I would come round to see how you are, you haven't been answering any of my texts!". I told him I was okay and invited him inside. We walked awkwardly upstairs and into my room. I'd never had a boy in here before, not including my dad and Aaron.

   "Yeah I've just been dealing with a lot recently, it doesn't matter", I sighed, sitting down on my bed. Aiden spotted my old guitar in the corner of my room and went over to it. I hadn't played it in years because I'd tried to teach myelf but failed and never bothered to go to guitar lessons. He sat down beside me and started picking out a soulful tune, sad and sorrowful. I got lost in the music and for the first time in that day, my mind was emptied. It was so beautiful and I cursed myself for giving up on guitar. If I'd kept it on, maybe I could play that too. I didn't have time for guitar now anyway, now that I had someone out to get me.

   Suddenly the front door slammed and footsteps stomped up the stairs. Aiden stopped playing and looked curiously at me. My bedroom door burst open and Annie came running in, tears streaming down her face. She collapsed onto me and clutched me tightly like a baby, sobbing into my shoulder. I gingerly put my arms around her and she clung tighter.

   "It's the first time I've ever done that....", Annie whispered. "The music started playing and I forgot everything. I ran out crying with everyone laughing at me, it was so embarrassing Lydia".

   "I'm sure you would have done great", Aiden said soothingly. Annie bawled even harder. This wasn't like Annie at all. She had never ever failed a dance competition. This had to be because of me. All this unrealistic side to reality had affected her. Maybe like me, her mind was filled with endless thoughts. I'm sure she would tell me more about it when she had calmed down and when Aiden had left. Annie clambered off me and exited the room sharply.

   "Tell me what's wrong Lydia", Aiden demanded, gazing hard into my eyes. "If I'm not mistaken, Annie has won every single dance contest she's entered. Plus you're acting strange too. You can tell me anything Lydia, we're best friends". He placed his hand on mine and squeezed it comfortingly.

   "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you this if it means you could get hurt in the process".



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