The Morph Kin

Lydia is an isolated teenage girl, keeping to her own company and feeling like the odd one out. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone: she can change into animals. It has happened for years, and Lydia is finally desperate to find out answers. She will soon find out that there is something more to her special ability, and that she may not have to be the odd one out anymore.


18. Hope

   The lake was silent.  The wind rippled the water's surface without making a sound. The long grass of the field quivered slightly. I tripped over a stone and fell into the grass. I stayed kneeling on the floor, staring at the ground. Of course he wasn't here. I was so stupid even looking in the first place. I was wasting time yet I had no where else to look, Aiden could be anywhere.

   I got up slowly, closing my eyes and letting the wind waft around me. I wish I could blow away with the wind, somewhere far, far away where there was no problems.

   Many people my age had problems. Their phone had broken, they had no money to go out, they were grounded. Just the usual teenage problems. I was stuck with losing my best friend and being hunted down by people I didn't even know. I would take usual teenage problems over mine any day.

   I couldn't work out whether I was being selfish or not. It was hard not to be when I was under so much pressure. I was alone again, friendless and I didn't even have my family this time. This was big, this was huge, more than any other teenager would have to face. It was one big mess and I'd gotten my best friend in danger. I don't think any other teenager faced being killed in the place of their best friend.

   I walked slowly away from the lake and through the forest. I looked down at the pathway beneath my feet. I wondered how long I would have to walk for, how many different pathways I would have to take.

   Why did it have to be me? What did they want from me? I could be happily going out with my friends right now, not a care in the world with my power under control. If they never came after me, my life would be relatively normal, or as normal as it could get anyway.

   I was by the roadside now, just watching the cars whip past. They all had a known destination to go to, somewhere where they could get to pretty fast in their cars. So easy for them.

   I crossed the road and decided I needed somewhere to think. I walked swiftly to town and made my way into a small café that I had visited often with my parents. I ordered a hot chocolate and a muffin, trying to act calm and pretend everything was fine. I sat on a table in the corner of the café, which was very busy. It was normally busy, with its plush chairs and mouth watering food.

   I sipped my hot chocolate slowly, letting the warmth fill my body and the smell fill my nostrils. While I nibbled at my muffin, I tried to think of places where Aiden could be. I definitely knew it was going to be a place hidden and out of sight, away from people. Maybe it was somewhere not well known to the public.

   I glanced up from eating my muffin as I heard heavy breathing, as if someone had been running for a long time. The man adjusted his glasses and tried to flatten down his curls. Jamie.

   "And what do you think you're doing here?", I demanded, knowing that he was frightened of me.

   "I them", Jamie panted, wiping beads of sweat off his forehead. "I've come to help you!".

   "I don't need your help", I retorted. "I'm fine by myself. Just go running back to your boss!".

   "Lydia they've hurt your friend. They've tried to get information about you out of him, but he keeps saying he doesn't know anything".

   "That's because he doesn't!", I shrieked, ignoring the glances people in the café gave me. Jamie grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the café. Once we were out I shook him off violently and I saw the look of fear glaze his eyes once more like it had done before.

  "Lydia I know where he is. I know you can do this and I'm trying to help you", Jamie said, pleading me. "Please". I shut my eyes. He was my only hope right now.

  "Show me the way then", I muttered.

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