Fashion World

Mia is amazed when she gets picked to model but is life really that easy No it isn't


5. The Sad Story

from the lady doctor point of veiw...

A year ago my daughter Belle ran to me telling me she had auditioned to model and got in.I was delighted she was beautiful with long wavy golden hair and bright blue eyes.She was skinny but she always obessed of the way she looked.She wanted to be a perfect model and attract a special guy.

She stopped eating a bannana,apple a meal then it got less when she will just skip meals i was too busy to notice but she got pale and sick she went to hospital and was told to eat normally and don't worry too much about herself but she didn't listen.

One Day,A cold monday she had lost over 10 stones.I told her to eat anything she told me.

"Mom i love you i'm not hungry don't worry nothing will happend to me"she cried before walking to school.

While walking to school she collasped and was hit by a car she died.I ran to see her one last time but it was too late i miss her every day.They say every day you heart heals and pain lessens for me it gets more.

"Please don't make that mistake i beg you"the lady doctor sobbed.

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