Fashion World

Mia is amazed when she gets picked to model but is life really that easy No it isn't


7. The Final Straw

Weeks after i recovered barely.I began to eat normally the lady doctor died i hope she finds peace and her daughter.I woke up today and felt pleased i had a shower and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and lipstick.i combed my hair and tugged it into a tight ponytail.I ran downstairs and began munching my teeth onto some pizza from yesterday.

"I'm so happy your eating i was getting worried"my mom whispers hugging me close.

"Don't worry i will be back quick"i whisper and run to the door and pick my pink coat.I walk slowly outside all the way to the fashion palace and open the gates.

"You are Late and what are you wearing"Mrs Sharp shouts.

"I'm wearing what i want to wear"i shout back.I stare at a girl being shouted for her weight.

"Everyone i have a annoucement to make"i shout everyone stares at me.

"Millions of you came here to model but i think there is no point everyone shouting at you to loose weight to become a person you really not clothes and makeup can't change a person they are only there to change you improve you but what's so good being skinny if you get ill and being famous sure its fun but there's no point.Many Model's are changed and for what for publicity i think why i think if they don't like the way we look they should shove off.I came here like you to model but i know why should i change.I love who i am so i don't care i won't change me i don't need to be perfect but sad instead unperfect but happy so i Quit yes i quit"i shout.

"Bye all of you wannabees toodles"i shout and run outside happily.

My mom runs to me.

"I'm so proud of you"my mom whispers hugging me.

"I am amazing aren't i mom"i ask.

"Sure you are you are my beautiful princess come let's go to Kfc"my mom whispers.

"Sure"i reply and we walk all the way.

Fashion is not everything!!!!!


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