Fashion World

Mia is amazed when she gets picked to model but is life really that easy No it isn't


2. The Day

I was sitting at home staring at the ceiling.How could i not been chosen arrgh.It's just not fair.

"Mia stop acting like you lost everything come its the phone"my mom shouted at me.I ignored her what's the point?.

"Mia this was how your sister was like before she ran away please come"my mom sobs.I stand up and walk slowly to the phone.My mom mouths model i know its probally cause they want me to feel better.I put the phone to my ear.

"Hello is this Mia Campbell"someone asks.

"Yes"i mumble.

"Well one of the models are really ill and can't come so if you want to"Someone replies.

"Yes"i ask my feet tapping on the floor.

"If you want to model"someone asks.

"Are you sure"i ask.

"Well if you want to its your choice"they ask.

"Yes"i shout jumping around.

"So come to the Fashion Palace were you auditioned tommrow bye don't be late"they shout before hanging the phone.

Yes Yes Yes!!!

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