Fashion World

Mia is amazed when she gets picked to model but is life really that easy No it isn't


3. Hard Day

I wake up in the morning and have a shower and apply makeup and open my wardrobe.

"Mom where is my blue dress"i shout.

"It's in your wardrobe"mom yells.

"No it isn't"i scream.

I look through my wardrobe picking a red top and a red skirt.I squeeze it on me.I've got too loose weight.

I run downstairs.

"Eat your breakfast"mom shouts.

I stare at the food no way was i going to be fatter.

"Bye"i shout and run to the door.

15 minutes Later...

I open the door to see Mrs.Sharp.

"Mia you are late"she shouts.

"I'm sorry"i whisper.

"I'm sorry Mrs.Sharp"Mrs Sharp yells.

"I'm sorry Mrs Sharp"i shout.

"Now run inside"she yells.

I run insinde and open the door to see a lady.

"You are Mia"she asks.

"Yes"i reply.She stares at me like i'm a hippo.

"you've got to loose weight how fat are you"she asks.

"67 kilograms"i reply.

"You better be 30 kilograms in two weeks"she shouts.

"Yes"i reply.

"Have you had any breakfast"she asks.My stomach rubbles.

"No"i reply.

"Good"she laughs and pulls me tugging me into clothes that don't fit.

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