ALOL - A Line Of Life (Or - A Laughing Out Loud)

This is Life for me :)
Hope you like and enjoy it ;)

Some of it is real.
Some of it is exaggerated.



8. Rain




When you look at the river, you think it's so strong it can never shatter.

But if you study it in detail you'll find out that it is shattered.

Maybe not in the way you imagined, but in some way it is.

The river is only floating because water molecules have bonded.

Gone into a relationship, if you like.

The river in itself is definitely strong.

It rushes by without noticing you, because you're only an outcast.

It pushes into rocks and bushes and digs into the ground, collecting every other drop,

to become something clearer and cleaner.

It does not defy gravity of course.

It is under the command of gravity.

But gravity fails sometimes and so water flies up into the sky assembling in small crowds called clouds.

Then they fall on people making them wet.

They don't care if they fall in mud or on cars.

They don't care if they ruin your hair or make your clothes wet.

They don't care if you are not wearing shoes or a hat.

They don't care if you have forgotten your pink umbrella or the yellow-dotted raincoat.

They don't care at all.

So why do you rant and shout and appear miserable and broken when nothing you say will change it? 

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