ALOL - A Line Of Life (Or - A Laughing Out Loud)

This is Life for me :)
Hope you like and enjoy it ;)

Some of it is real.
Some of it is exaggerated.



6. In Plain View



I like to be noticed.

I like everyone knowing who I am.

I like to be the center of everything.

It's selfish, but I admit it.

Though I don't like to be looked at by many people.

I sweat in a group where twenty eyes are eagerly waiting for my response.

I stutter when someone introduces me to a person I don't know.

Red splotches make their appearance on my cheeks, when everybody notices me.

I hate people watching me.

It makes me uneasy.

I become nervous.

When someone watches your every move, you will surely fall. The possibility is 100 %.

99 % for models, actors etc.

"Hi people!"

You, of course, wait for a response.

Who wouldn't?

But nobody answers when I do that.

Maybe because I whisper it.

Because I use a low volume.

I think, that's the matter.

Because when a beautiful brunette walks in, no one stays still. They all look at her and respond when she says, "What's up, girls?"

Even though it's so obvious she is not talking to the (drooling) boys. Or the (outsider) girls.

It's so obvious. So Plain Obvious.

So, why do they make it look like, they can't see?


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