ALOL - A Line Of Life (Or - A Laughing Out Loud)

This is Life for me :)
Hope you like and enjoy it ;)

Some of it is real.
Some of it is exaggerated.



5. Chosen paths




A year before graduation.


Whenever someone mentions studies I hide.

I hate that question.

Because you're finally standing on that step leading to your future.

Right or left door?

Up or down?

North or south?

West or East?

The world or you?

"What are you going to study next year?"

The gears run in your head, the wheels turn round and round. Grinding noises disturb the silence between you. Smoke wafts out of your head. Something burns.

After much thinking and grumbling and mumbling you say, "Well. I don't know."

But how in the world can't you know? You are standing on that golden step, and you don't know how to proceed?

Hey, folks! I really don't know! What's the big deal? I really don't know what to do with my future!

I am confused!

I have questions!

This answer is going to either kill or make my day!

Give me some space.

Let me think.

(And of course the time is ticking away)


In between the afore mentioned question and the months to follow


"What are your options?"

"What are you going to be?"

And now the answer is not as simple as before.

The answer now is not even as simple as when you were much younger and years distanced you from the future.

The answer that time was so vague and blissful:

"When I grow up I am going to be a doctor."

"I am going to be a nurse."

"I am going to be Superman!"

"I am going to save the world with my powers!"

"I am going to fly a plane."

"A fireman."

"A taxi-driver."

Oh, the blissful answers.

They were so simple.

They didn't mean a thing.

When you were young, you could be everything.

And your parents didn't interfere.

They only smiled and said of course.

Now your parents advise you (as in leading you in the right direction)

Be that...

Don't do that...

It's better like this...

Your life will look brighter here...

And yeah, of course it'll do...

Money does that...

I mean, who doesn't want to make money?

Who doesn't want to be rich?

And don't give me that I am ok like this.

Because wouldn't you be happy if there were no money problems.

You could buy a house (no loan or interest)

You could give your children the future of their dreams

You could travel the whole world

You could be happy

Of course money is not the only thing

But in this world, money is gaining control of our lives

Money now is everywhere

You want food = money

You want a house = money

You want a family = money

You want college = money

You want school = money

What is not money on Earth? Air? 


I can breath without the need of paying.

But can you live without food or water?


You can live in a forest or a jungle and become the new Tarzan.

But can you live without people?


You could take a few of the city-dwellers and live like in the old days.

Not so sure there. I mean, who would go from blessedness to a sure as hell hard life?

I wouldn't.

Why do you think people has gone from no cars to cars?

From candles and fire to electricity and heat?

Not only because human beings like developing.


But because we're always trying to make our lives better.

So, what do you choose?






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