ALOL - A Line Of Life (Or - A Laughing Out Loud)

This is Life for me :)
Hope you like and enjoy it ;)

Some of it is real.
Some of it is exaggerated.



4. A stupid squirrel



I wonder if it's only me, or if it really is only me.

I'll ask you.

When you first got your driver's license, could you drive another car without making the motor stop?

I thought so too.

(What was your answer?)

Because I couldn't.

And I am so slow in making the car drive after a stop, it's a wonder the police hasn't stopped me.

And... this is awful.

I killed a squirrel.

It was so much its own fault.

Because people...

This is a road.

This road is full of traffic.

There are cars on both sides of me.

There are cars behind me driving as fast as me (being fifty km/h)

There are cars in front of me driving as fast (and maybe faster than me)


Something jumps on the road and runs...

I had my foot hovering over the brakes.

The squrriel ran in between me and the car in front of me (about fifty meters?)

It was so much going to run to the other side of the road (not the side it came from)

And then...

A car hollered and the squirrel ran back.

Oh God...

That was awful...

I couldn't stop..

I really couldn't stop..

Squirrel or me

Squirrel or me

Something bumped underneath the car..

Oh God..


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