The Unexpected!

This story is about a girl named Tiffany (me), going to the Justin Bieber 'Believe Tour'. They are really excited but unfortunately have far back seats.


3. The Unexpected!

As we were waiting, the most unexpected and amazing thing happened, Justin Bieber came up because he thought all the girls had gone in and he wanted to see if anyone had stayed out. We saw him walking up to us and we couldn't breathe. He walked up to us and asked us why we weren't inside. We couldn't even breathe, so how could we talk, ha gave us both a hug and I said OMB! Your Justin Bieber. He laughed and asked If I knew who through his fav Candy down. I told him it was me and showed him the boxes of sour patch kids I had in my bag. He asked us where we were sitting, I showed him my ticket and it said Block 6 upper, which was right at the back. He took mine and chelsea's ticket of us and gave us 2 tickets, then walked off. We looked at out tickets he gave us and they were front row tickets and backstage passes, we screamed so loud. OMB! OMB! OMB! We are front row, who would have ever thought Justin Bieber would come and give us Front row and backstage tickets. We ran to the doors showed them our tickets and ran to our seats, we were so close we could almost touch the stage. Where we were sitting, kenny Justin's bodyguard and Pattie his mom were stading behind the bars by the stage, I walked up to pattie and said don't worry I just wanted to say how amazing your son is, I bet your so proud of him. She said she was the proudest mom ever he has gotten so far and thankyou for saying it. I told her how we were waiting to go in after cher had finished and justin had came up to us and swapped out back row seat upper tickets for front row and backstage passes and how we were so grateful. It was 5 mins until Justin Bieber came on and i sat down and held up my sign i brought with me. I was so happy that I had front row seats but at the same time I was a little bit sad for the people at the back because I sat there on his first UK tour and it's not as fun. When Justin Bieber came on I was screaming so much and singing to his songs, he started of with boyfriend, Love it, I saw pattie turn around and look at how happy and excited I was then all of a sudden she walked backstage, I wonder what she is doing. After boyfriend he sand My Beliebers, which before he sang it he announced that his mom was gonna choose 5 girls to come onstage. Me and chelsea were just jumpin around and singing along, until pattie came over to us both and said that she had been watchin us throughtout the whole of boyfriend and she said we looked like very dedicated fans to her son and asked if both of us wanted to go onstage. We were so excited and ran backstage, when we got there, there were 3 other fans waiting to go onstage, we were all excited and all starting talking to each other, then we had 5 dancers come offstage to get us. We were all standing onstage looking nervous and then JB came over to us all and sang to us one by one. When he came over to me and chels he winked at us both and gave us a hug and a kiss on the cheek, we were so happy.

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