Three Poems from the Arteries

I wrote these when I was nine,
When I used to write poetry all the time :l
My Mum was filing through my old stuff and showed me them "'cos [she] thought they were quite good actually" :P
Weird how my nine year old self and me now are so different.
Even though it wasn't that long ago...
Anyways ~~
Here you go...


2. I like.

I like walking on a Sunday,

I like rubies red.

I like lemon on Pancakes,

But I'll settle for syrup instead.


I like elephant trunks,

I adore new pens.

I like oak trees,

And I love it when classes end.


I like cuddling my sister,

My favourite ballet dancer.

And I love you lots Mum.

Please fight and beat your cancer.

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