beyond the brink of madness...

the diary of tom lukes. tom can go from the nicest boy alive to being horrid and hurting. no one really understands him is their a reason for his changing behaviour ?? all he really wants is a friend .....


8. regrets



 The creak of door woke me from my troubled slumber. My scheming, mischievous and murdering father had returned. I heard the moan of the staircase as he slowly went up them obviously trying not to wake me and oblivious to the fact I was already awake. My heart quickened with hatred. He came down again, this time bearing a suitcase. He was going to make a run for it. It now became obvious how little he cared for me and how much he hated me, he was going to go and start a new life without any of us, without any thoughts about us and with no regrets.






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