A Bride In The Mirror

Elisia is going to getting married in an hour. Yet, her thoughts are invaded by another man. Find out who is this other man and what happened between them that she is finding difficult to forget.


1. Would-Be-Lady Elisia

Lady Elisia looked at herself in the mirror- or, to say the would-be-Lady Elisia. In about an hour, she would be married to Lord Tobias. And soon, she would be dining with the King and Queen of England.

Yet, all she could think of was of Victor- of all the secret meetings she had with him in the forest near her mansion and of all the times they could be together. As a girl born in an aristocratic family, Elisia had committed the deadliest sin anyone could possibly imagine. She had fallen in love with one of her servants.

Victor was appointed about two years ago as a cook in the family. When Victor came to serve Elisia and her friends tea, she could not help noticing his hazy eyes and the way his brown hair brushed his forehead. Even then she knew what she was thinking of was not possible and she did her best to fight her desires.

But her dreams caught a better hold of her and soon she found herself in the kitchen more often than before. She began to go all the way to where Victor was to get a jug of water even if she could call a maid to bring her one. Whenever she got to get near him she tried to start a conversation. Sometimes it was about how hot the weather was getting or about what he was cooking for the dinner. And sometimes she would hide the lemon from the table and complain to him about not finding one. Elisia loved to watch Victor as he frantically search below the dishes for a lemon. After his brows furrowed and his forehead began to sweat, she would pretend to search for a while and show him the lemon which was on her hand all the time. Then she would thank him for his time with a big smile and leave.

At first, Victor was very shy to reply to his Elisia. He would reply her questions in a soft voice in contrast to the loud and clear one which Elisia used. Afterwards, when he began to learn of her tricks he began to strike up a conversation himself. It made Elisia extremely happy whenever he did that. She could be found smiling throughout the day and her mother would question her about her joyful mood. She thought about him throughout the day. And when she had trouble falling asleep in the night, she would raise her curtain and take a peek at the servants' room.

And before both of them knew, their relationship took a turn that was more than just casual conversations. They began to secretly meet in the nearby forest after dusk. In their first meeting in the forest Victor said, "Madam, you do know what your parents are going to do if they find out about us."

Elisia put a finger to his lips to silence him and said, "Do not call me a Madam. Besides, they are never going to find out."

Elisia was right. Nobody ever found out about them for fifteen months. But trouble started three months ago when Elisia's parents wanted her to get married to Lord Tobias. But, she didn't want the marriage. She wanted to be with Victor.

When she talked to Victor about it, all he said was "Madam, we knew from the beginning that what we were thinking of was impossible. If your father finds out about this, he is going to get me killed and if anything happens to me, who will look after my old mother. It is better if you marry Lord Tobias and I will find another girl like me and marry her."

Elisia tried to protest but Victor would not hear any of it. Within two days, he left his job and went to live with his mother. Elisia was heartbroken. She agreed to the marriage her parents had set for her.

And now, here she was, watching herself as a bride, but not Victor's. Two of her maids came to summon her. They were to escort her to the church where she was to get married. It had been three months since she had seen Victor. For all she knew, he could have married another girl as he had told her. But what if he had not? What if he still loves her and for all the past three months all he ever did was to regret leaving her like that. It was then that she decided she could not get married without knowing for sure. It was a big risk to take. If Victor was happily married to another girl, all her hopes would be shattered. But even the faint possibility of they getting together again gave her the courage.

She told the maids that she needed to use the bathroom, and that there was no need to escort her there. She went up to the bathroom but instead of getting in it, she walked outside the house to the stable.

After five minutes, the confused maids started to knock on the door of an empty bathroom. Meanwhile, Elisia was safely saddled in her horse and racing past the meadows. She grabbed hold of the veil on her head and threw it off. She didn’t know exactly where Victor's mother lived but she had a vague idea about it and it was all she needed.

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