A Bride In The Mirror

Elisia is going to getting married in an hour. Yet, her thoughts are invaded by another man. Find out who is this other man and what happened between them that she is finding difficult to forget.


2. Victor's Mother's Place


The feel of the land under her feet felt unnatural to Elisia: it had been hours since she had climbed up the horse. And finally when she got off the poor horse, her legs began to tremble: it was as if she had forgotten to stand.

After almost a day of riding through the meadows and asking for directions from strangers she had finally reached her destination. She was sure this was the name of the village that Victor had mentioned to her.

Hours under the scorching sun made her acknowledge the coolness of the evening. The breeze blew her hair around her face. She raised her right arm and tossed the hair behind her ears but soon some locks made their way to her face again. She smiled at it. This time she left them be. She took in a deep breath. It was the smell of the land. It felt oddly soothing. It must be the land where Victor is right now, she thought.

She caught the rein of the horse and began to walk. Was it because of hanging her feet for such a long time or because the path was stony she didn’t know but she realized that she was stumbling a lot. She passed some people on her way but could not get herself to ask anyone where Victor's home was; some were giving her long stares which made her feel quite awkward and some were just intimidating.

Finally Elisia saw a stout woman walking ahead of her. She was holding a bag of groceries and was walking a bit lopsided. Elisia fastened her strides. When she was about a few steps behind her, she called to her, "Ma'am."

The woman turned back.

Elisia took a few steps forward. "Ma'am, do you know where Victor lives?"

"I'm sorry. I do not know anyone by that name."

Elisia's heart fell at her words. "You don't know any Victor Brown?"

"I do know a Mrs. Brown who lives here." Elisia's hope rose again. "Can you please show me where she lives?"

"Her home falls on my way. You can come with me."

"Oh, thank you so much."

None of them spoke a word throughout the way. Elisia was wishing all the way that it was Victor's mother the woman was talking about. What if it was not? Where was she going next? The name of this village was the only thing Victor had even mentioned to her. What would she do? Could she go back to her parents and her wedding? And what if it was his house and Victor was not there? What was she going to say to his mother? Was she Victor's mistress? His friend? His lover?


"There, this is where Mrs. Brown lives." The woman interrupted Elisia's train of thought.

Elisia turned to face the woman. "Thank you." She forced a smile to the woman.

The woman left. Elisia took a deep breath. She could feel the woman turning back to watch her.

Elisia stepped up and gently knocked on the door. After what seemed like ages an old woman opened it. Most of her hair had turned white and her face was covered with sweat.

"Are you Victor's mother?"

"Yes, and who are you dear?" She gave Elisia a gentle smile.

"Um, I am friend of his. Do you know where he is right now?" The woman's face crumbled at this. Her smile disappeared and her tone changed from mild to angry. "I haven’t seen him in ages."

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