Writing prompt; write about boys, cast them in a negative light.


1. One.

They hardly try and impress; they crawl from their beds, pull on the first pair of pants that they find and the shirt with the smallest amount of stains, they leave their hair to do as it pleases and never bother to brush it. They hardly try and impress anyone at all.  

And yet we’re the ones who are scrutinised; her hair is too curly, her thighs are too fat, she doesn’t look like a model, her nose is too big, that shirt is ugly… No matter what we do; hours spent in front of the mirror, hours spent picking out outfits and styling our hair, countless tubes of lip gloss, hundreds of dollars spent on finding that perfect shade of eye shadow and the prettiest smelling perfume. Nothing we do is ever good enough. No matter what we do we’re never quite good enough for them. We stand before the world of men like ants under a microscope; No bad hair day ever go’s unnoticed, no pimple can be hidden from their critical gaze, no baby fat is ignored.  

And that’s just the beginning. There are also the games they like to play. Reeling girls in, pretending they care and then tossing them to the side like toys they no longer desire. One second they are dancing with you, holding your hand, telling you they care. And the next thing you know he’s grinding against some other girl, he’s kissing her and telling her she’s beautiful. It’s something I accepted a long time ago; boys enjoy making girls fall in love with them. They love the challenge of every new girl, they love the attention they get, and they love being loved.  

And they don’t care about what it does to the girls. They don’t notice the trail of broken hearted girls they leave in their wake, they don’t notice the jealousy and anger girls direct towards each other in competition for their hearts; they don’t notice anything, do they?

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