Love-In Oz

Ava is a ordinary girl until one night when she was a young girl changes her life...


2. Thirteen years later....

It was thirteen years later.

I was in the same spot, though my desk was a little more worn, and I was somewhat older than six. I was attempting an assignment set that morning. It was nearing midnight; however I was an insomniac during storms. Like when I was six. I did keep an eye out over the years for the strange, black figure that had stood watching the house. Just in case it came back. I glanced up and noticed again a black figure. I stood and could have pressed my face to the cold glass. But I restrained myself. The figure just stood. Watching, that's all it did. It was waiting. It was waiting for something or someone. Tonight however was different to that night when I was six, my parents weren’t in. They had gone to a costume party, in costumes that weren’t; by my opinion creative. I sighed. I was alone. A flash of lightning startled me and I saw yet again that the figure was gone, though this time I was brave enough to investigate. I grabbed a flashlight, and dashed out into the rain. I was completely drenched through by the time I reached the old oak. I swung the flashlight around, hoping to catch a glimpse of a face or something. But my long, black hair was in the way. It stuck to my head. It was wet, I slung it over my shoulder, seeing out of the corner of my eye how dark it was, usually black enough it needed no help in being dark, though now it was the colour of the sky. I sighed and walked in. I was almost at the door when something hit me over the head and I crumpled to the mud and wet grass.

I woke up, still wet and a little muddy. I opened my eyes and found myself on the sofa. I shot up, my mom would kill me. I went to stand but then froze. A figure was pacing up and down nearby. It stopped as I moved. I sat as still as stone hoping that for once my over-active imagination was working now. It apparently wasn’t though I wasn’t convinced. “Who are you?” I asked my voice full of fear. Silence answered. The hairs on the back of my neck rose and I slowly turned my head and almost gasped with fright. There was another figure stood behind me. I gasped going to scream and found a hand over my mouth. “Quiet!” The first figure hissed. I never realised he had moved, he had moved within two blinks of an eye. I tasted mud and blood on its hand. “Maybe we should think this through ‘gain.” It said to its friend and I didn’t dare lick my lips, I didn’t want to taste the tasteless mud or the coppery tang of the blood; that I assumed might have been mine. “Nay time.” The friend replied. It turned to me. “Y’all ain’t gonna make no noise if he moves his hand are’ ya?” I shook my head as much as I could with its friend’s hand on my mouth.  “See? She’s gonna co-operate with us real nice.” It was the accent that fazed me. I hadn’t heard an accent like that before. The friend removed its hand. I still could taste the mud and copper of my blood. His friend brought his hand to his mouth, sneered as he wiped the mud off carefully without removing the blood. “Well she betta.” It said turning around, even though the lights were off, I caught a glimpse of something white. I shivered, both cold and afraid and it didn’t help that I was afraid too. When the next thing happened I could have fainted. “Naw, boys. We dun’ wanna scare her naw, do we?” The southern accented voice that spoke up beside me made me jump and me being cold and afraid didn’t help. “No but-“ “Nay but’s.” The voice then turned its attention to me. “Naw darlin’ y’all ain’t gonna be any trubble naw are’ ya?” I shook my head in reply, I didn’t dare speak. “Good. Naw, we’d betta be goin’ boys.” “Yeas’ ma’am.” They both chorused. A very warm hand clamped down on mine and a flash of lightning shook the house. It was then that the room started to spin. Though the hand kept a tight grip on my hand, until the spinning stopped as sudden as it had started.

When the world around me stopped spinning, I glanced around me. “Where am I?” I croaked. My head now seriously hurt after receiving a blow and all that had happened. I was still in the living room of my house. “Y’all now in our world.” The figure with the very warm hand added. “Y’all in Oz.” "Oz?" I asked croakily. "Yeas' ma'am." Said the figure that slammed his finger over my mouth. "Otherworld Zentrum." He continued. He had paused, though there were sounds of licking something behind me. I didn’t want to look. "Oz?" I asked again, letting it tick over in my head. The hand patted me gently on the shoulder; it felt as though a sudden weight dropped on it. "Y'all get it sooner rather than later." Then a light bulb seemed to flash on over my head. "Ah." I said its hand found my shoulder again. "See, I tol' y'all." The hand steered me over to a window. I was of out of sorts as my mom would say. “Where is Oz?” I asked, my mouth gaping once I saw what exactly stood outside. I was stunned. “Oz? It is where the whole supernatural world lives in one symphony.” The hand said. I still wasn’t sure where it came from as there seemed to be no-one beside me. “At least until recently.” The hand continued. “Why?” I asked still staring, though I knew it wasn’t right to. “Because the human equivalent of a King has died.” “I’m sorry.” “Oh, he’s not dead-dead, just undead.” Now I saw. “So he’s a vampire?” I said. The hand gripped my shoulder tight. “Don’ says it aloud. They coul’ kill y’all.” The hand said releasing my shoulder. “Why?” I asked, feeling the pins and needles shoot up past my shoulder. “Coz. You’re a human.” Hand guy said. I had invented little nicknames, I really wanted to know what they were and of course they’re names but of course as a human I was easily killable. The hand patted me awkwardly on the shoulder. It said as if it read my thoughts. “Y’all wanna know what and who we al’ ar’?” I nodded. “I’m Alexander.” Said the other figure that was with Hand guy. I hadn’t made up a nickname for him. He continued. Then winced. “I’m an elf.” I nodded; his personality did match those of an elf. “Nice to meet you.” I said politely. He made a half bow in return. “Same to you. Thanks Alex. Ya didn’t introduce me.” Said Hand guy pretending to look offended. “Well. Since you’re younger than me, it would only be proper if you did that yourself.” Alexander added but with an almost sneer. “Alright. Alright, don’t get your boxers in a twist.” Hand guy sneered at Alexander. I could see that they didn’t really like one another. “I’m Lucas.” He smiled and I saw immediately what he was. I started to back up away from him, afraid he would lunge at me. I was still bleeding after all. “See I knew she was smart.” Lucas said. He eyed me seriously; I could see he was tempted I must have been giving off fear pheromones. “Yeah, yeah Lucas you’re so wonderful.” Alexander said rolling his eyes. He then slyly winked at me. I liked him. “Naw Y’all have introduced y’all selves naw it’s my turn.” The hand spun me around and I found myself face-to-face with a young woman with fiery red hair. She added. “I’m Sarah. As to what I am, well y’all can guess.” “Her other form comes complete with Batman strength but a Bruce Wayne disguise of fur, fangs and claws.” Lucas added. I really was beginning to hate him. I could have guessed it myself. “Thank ya Lucas, but I’m sure the young gal could a guessed.” Sarah smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. Lucas responded with showing his own lengthened canines. “You wanna fight?” He asked cockily. He really was arrogant. “Darlin’ if only it were my time to Change.” Sarah laughed. “Then I’d take ya on you’re offer.” I was beginning to think no-one liked Lucas much. He seemed to be the kind of guy that annoyed everything and everyone. “I’ll hold ya to that lil’ lady.” Lucas winked. Sarah grimaced. “Squabbling aside.” Alexander cut in. “We should ask her to introduce herself to us.” “That’s a good idea Alexander.” Sarah added, the seriousness in her tone making her lose her accent. They all looked at me and I suddenly felt self-conscious. I took in a deep breath as if I wanted to clear away my fear. I was surrounded anyway there was no way I could escape them, Lucas had a sense for my blood, Sarah a scent and Alexander…well I wasn’t quite sure though I was sure that he could have memorised me by sight. “Ava. Ava Meyer.” I said after a short pause during which the trio of supernatural’s watched me carefully. “Well now.” Lucas said as he circled me, it made me turn my head to follow him. “How a pretty thing like you should be brought here quite intentionally is a little confusing, huh?” “I'm just a little bit confused.” I replied. I continued to follow him with my head. “And for your information I am almost twenty. I’m not as little as I appear.” I hated people taking the mick out of my size, I may have been only a mere five foot seven, but compared to some people I was tall. Lucas seemed a little surprised at my age and looks were given to one another over my shoulders. “Why?” I asked suspiciously. “Well.” Sarah and Lucas started to say but Alexander cut in. “It’s the whole reason why you’re here Ava. We were ordered.” He paused. “Someone ordered you to capture me?” I squeaked. “Ordered by whom?” “Well yeah but-“Alexander cut off Lucas. “Ordered by the King before his death, that we should find the girl at whose address he had given us.” He removed a piece of paper from the pocket of his waistcoat that I hadn’t even noticed he was wearing. “13 Cider Creek. That is you, isn’t it?” He asked. I nodded. “Yeah, but did the King tell you the name of the girl?” I asked. “Ava. Ava Meyer.” Alexander added solemnly. I was shocked. How could I be ordered to somewhere I had never been told existed? “He asked if you would come and help the world of Oz.” Alexander added softly. “Yeah but why me?” I asked. I looked down at myself. “I’m an ordinary human.” “That’s why.” Sarah added. She placed an arm around my shoulders. I froze. “Easy, the real people you need to watch aren’t us.” She added at my motion. Lucas and Alexander nodded in almost perfect unison. “You can trust us.” Alexander added. Lucas just licked his lips. “Ya can trust me. I won’t let anyone touch you.” His sentence seemed unfinished. So I finished it. “But you right?” I said as Sarah flinched. Lucas licked his lips, showing fang. “If ya want.” He stepped forward to touch me but I was there before him. I had him up and by the throat against the wall. “Don’t even try it.” I said before I let him fall. He landed stunned. I felt a hand touch my arm. I turned. Alexander pulled me away. Though his face was grim, his eyes twinkled and then he chuckled. “I’m glad you put him in his place, but seriously we can protect you.” “I understand. I trust you and Sarah.” I nodded. “It’s him I don’t.” I threw a head in Lucas’ direction. “Understandable.” Lucas said scrambling somewhat shakily. “But I can keep you safe from my kind.” I nodded. I held out a hand. He looked at it fearfully. I laughed. “Shake it already. I’m offering for you to put my life on the line.” There was a soft chuckle behind me. I turned. “That can be arranged.” An arrogant voice said. The speaker was male, but of course.

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