Love-In Oz

Ava is a ordinary girl until one night when she was a young girl changes her life...


1. Thirteen years ago...

It was a dark, stormy night lightning flashing across the sky. It illuminated the dully lit streets. I was inside, watching out the window of my bedroom. I couldn’t sleep, never could while storms flashed nearby and considering that it was storm season my sleep was sort lived, I was an insomniac at these times. It occurred no matter how I tried. I tried everything to get me to sleep. I tried cookies and warm milk, bed-time stories, lullaby’s everything. I turned to the only thing I had left. It was a book. One book, I had borrowed this morning from the library. The kind my parents usually didn’t like me to read. I turned the first page, opening the front cover as I went. A sudden gust of wind blew across my face and in shock I dropped my book. Why would there be a piece of wind blow now???? I had shut my window. I went over to double check, it was locked. I looked outside and noticed a black figure; it was stood with its back to the old oak tree where I swung on the swing attached to one of the branches. The figure stood watching the house. For once I was glad my parents were home even though they were asleep. I glanced down at my desk then looked back up as a flash of lightning illuminated the garden and to my surprise, there was no-one there.  

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