Love-In Oz

Ava is a ordinary girl until one night when she was a young girl changes her life...


3. Fight Club

“Who the hell are you?” I asked. “Ah, funny you should mention hell.” The male said with a wink in my direction. Lucas, Alexander and Sarah formed a somewhat triangular formation around me. Alexander was at the back. The other two were at my sides. “Ah, the three musketeers.” It chuckled; the trio protecting me from the arrogant male in front of us froze. “Matteo.” Lucas sneered. “Who let ya out your cage?” “Watch it vampire!” Matteo snarled. “Who let you out of your coffin so early?” A hand touched my right arm. It was pulling me away from Lucas a little. Even by my human eyes, he was changing. His teeth were lengthening, his eyes growing darker. Alexander tugged me behind him. I froze. Matteo was shimmering. Its eyes were glowing crimson. I knew then what he was. A demon. A fairly powerful one at that. “What the hell do you want Matteo?” I shouted, hoping to take its attention off Lucas. So he could calm down, I didn’t care about him just what would happen if he lost control. “You dear child. With you, my lord can take the power from the King and rule all Oz!” Matteo’s gaze returned to me. Sarah, I could see was calming Lucas a little. My pride was stung with ‘child’ but I chose to ignore it. “Well, if you want me.” I glanced up at Alexander who nodded. “Come and get me.” I flicked a finger up at him. It had the effect I wanted. The demon enraged flew at me, hitting the wall with a loud thump that knocked plaster from the wall and then vanished. If only it was that easy in novels. I turned to my ‘protector’ Lucas. “You call that protecting me?” “Ya didn’t see what he was projecting with his mind. I did.” Lucas snarled. “Well enlighten me.” I folded my arms over my chest. “He was showing him raping you after his evil lord is finished with you.” “Ah.” I unfolded my arms. “We’d had better get to this King of yours. Who knows when he’ll be back for a second chance. ” They all nodded. We set off, me glancing back at the front room which vanished as though it didn’t exist in this world, like I shouldn’t have belonged.

Thankfully we didn’t run into any more demons or anyone for that matter.  The trek to the King’s castle was bad enough. Lucas kept wandering and even Sarah was pre-occupied. I guessed it was nearing the time for her Change. Alexander was trying hard to keep us all together. I stuck close to him, out of fear but he also was a great person for keeping a mind occupied. I asked him questions and though he answered them truthfully, they didn’t have enough to satisfy my unquenchable mind. He was very tired by the end of the journey when we cleared through the forest that we had hit only days ago. I couldn’t believe how long it took. I ached all over though. Alexander stopped so suddenly that I nearly ran into him. Which I did. I fell backwards. He helped me up, and then turned. “What’s wrong?” I asked following his gaze. It was a massive crowd. Surrounded by something. “What’s that?” I asked. Alexander had frozen a look of pure fear on his face. I turned to Sarah who had the same expression. “What’s wrong?” I asked again. Lucas seemed to be the only one coherent. “Lucas?” “It’s an auction, an auction of a runner." He replied. “A runner?” I asked. “Yea a runner, they never give up to find their quarry.” “Who are they after?” “I’m guessing you.” Lucas added, he tugged me behind Alexander, so they wouldn’t see me now. He looked at me. I saw he looked exhausted, deep purple bruises under his eyes. He seemed haggard as well. I knew I probably didn’t look as great. He then seemed to light up. He walked over to the bag on Alexander’s back and pulled a long flowing cloak, and a dress that was as long. “Put them on.” He said chucking them at me. “Where?” “Behind the trees.” He glanced at Sarah and Alexander. “Be quick about it.” I dashed behind a tree, almost ripping my clothes off. I pulled the dress over my head, it fell nicely over me. I threw the cloak over my shoulders, found a few hair clips and put my hair up. I came out and Lucas started. “Wow. You look like a Ozien.” I smiled for the first time at him. “Thanks.” He offered his hands for my clothes. I handed them to him; he placed them in the bag and gently for a vampire pushed both Sarah and Alexander. They both started. Then looked at me, and smiled. “You look-“ “Great.” They finished each other’s sentence. I laughed. “Thanks.” Then glanced downwards. “How am I gonna get past them?” They both glanced at me then at Lucas. We looked at one another. Lucas shrugged. “She could pass for an elf?” “Not a chance, no-one can administer our scent. How about werewolf?” Alexander asked. “Nope. There’s a not a chance in hell.” Sarah shook her head. Lucas sighed. “Looks like the only think that’s left is-“ “Oh. No. No way.” I said backing from him. “There’s no way I’m gonna pass for your plaything.” “Ya haven’t got a choice Ava.” Lucas sighed. “You’re not biting me.” I said tightening the cloak around my neck. “Who said I was biting ya?” Lucas smiled. His eyes changed. “Come here Ava.” He beckoned. His eyes willed me forward. I took a step forward then back.  “Ava….Come here.” He ordered and I almost ran to him. “That’s better.” He smiled then bit his wrist and shoved it down my throat. I gulped back his blood; it tasted sweet almost like candy. I didn’t realise I did it until he grimaced. “Easy. You only want to smell like your mine. Not actually Turn yourself.” I pushed him away from me and started to sob. “Hey.” Alexander soothed. “It’ll wear off when you’ve met the King.” “But- I- can’t-stop.” I sobbed. “It will.” Lucas said. He placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry it will wear off, the wanting will stop. I promise.” He sounded weaker, tired. “I’m sorry.” I said wiping my tears, then asked for a handkerchief and Lucas handed me one. I thanked him and wiped my mouth. He grimaced as he took it back. “Did I hurt you?” I asked. “No. It just felt weird.” Lucas rubbed his arm. He looked up at Alexander. “Does she smell?” “Yea.” Alexander sounded sad. I wondered what about. “Just like you.” Lucas nodded. Then looked at me and offered an arm. “You’ll need to be near me I’m afraid. Can you stomach that just to make it through that crowd?” He joked. I nodded. His smiled faltered. “Cheer up. It was a joke." “I know.” I sighed. I then took his arm and tried to smile dreamily. Together we walked towards the crowd.

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