To be... or not to be (normal, that is)

A little bit of humour and a little craziness... XD
"What is normal?" is the question being asked and everyone (as in the writer)
has tried to give some hints as to what normal-ness? is... XD
Hope you enjoy!!


10. Proud to be me

To listen to a person like me, one would find me funny.

Well... It's only right to laugh at what's laughable, but

you forget, that I am still abnormal, and maybe,

just maybe, I am a little proud about it, even though my

life is not flawless, and I don't get straight A's and don't

have white and perfect teeth. I am not normal, and

sometimes that makes me cry and sometimes it makes

me feel happy and full of joy. Sometimes I am considered

insane and sometimes I am a genius. Sometimes it's normal

to be abnormal and unnatural to be a perfect "I" with no dot and

no flaw to it. I am not normal, and it sometimes makes me

desperate and depressed, and sometimes it doesn't

make me see the light everyone is talking about, and sometimes

I feel like I am a no-match and that I will never ever find the

soulmate of my life and that I will never ever recognize the smell

of love, because I am not normal, because I am not perfect, because

I am not beautiful and my smile isn't cute and my eyes aren't almond-

shaped and my face isn't heartshaped; even though I am not normal,

I am me, and I will, if not always though sometimes, be a little bit proud of

myself and my achievements and my unnatural me, because I acknowledge

and look at my flaws and realise who I really am, and what I really can do.

So even though, this is really boring, and even though we've all learned

something more about unnatural people, I am still proud that I took

this step up and took this microphone and shouted: "Hello!" to all these people,

not even breaking a single sweat. I can just rant on and on and on, and

this will just get longer and longer and longer, but I will maybe, in the end,

just say, that I am thankful to everybody around me, who made me recognize

the flaws in myself, even though I sometimes can be a little up my ass, but...

I am still A - P-R-O-U-D - W-O-M-A-N

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