To be... or not to be (normal, that is)

A little bit of humour and a little craziness... XD
"What is normal?" is the question being asked and everyone (as in the writer)
has tried to give some hints as to what normal-ness? is... XD
Hope you enjoy!!


3. Is it?



I take deep joy in pain.

Whenever I am in pain, I am happy.

I am joyous.

I feel alive.

Does it frighten you, this joy of mine? Does it frighten you, to encounter such an abnormal

person like me? Is it unnatural to want to be normal? To be considered one of the crowd and

not an outsider? Would you want to be seen as an outsider? A trespasser? Someone not to be con-

sidered as a human being? Someone with rights and needs for friendship, love and acknowledgement?

Is it really so hard to be normal?

Is it? 

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