To be... or not to be (normal, that is)

A little bit of humour and a little craziness... XD
"What is normal?" is the question being asked and everyone (as in the writer)
has tried to give some hints as to what normal-ness? is... XD
Hope you enjoy!!


8. Confusion of the most dangerous C*nfusion



If you look at this girl, you wouldn't even know that she secretly picks her nose at night.

Or this girl! This girl! You wouldn't even think that she had a blister on her toe.

Oh, oh, or that one... you wouldn't even know that she misses her mom like crazy.

Or that boy there, you wouldn't know he wasn't as confident at home as right now.

Or that man looking perfect in a suit, you wouldn't know that his family life is non-existent.

Or that gorgeous girl, you wouldn't know that she was anorexic... wait... is that abnormal?

Is anything of what I've said abnormal?

Could I really just pick anyone and tell something bad about them?

I am so confused.

Am I supposed to scorn people?

Aren't they as normal as can be?

Or are they trying hard to be, what they're not, thus keeping a fake image, a fake normal-ness?

Would I be right to do this?

Why did I stop in my tracks?

Couldn't I just have continued?

Is this normal?


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