Going for gold

Searching for cover is what Merlissa really needs.. But can she find it?


1. Running away

Running away is what really needs to happen..That creepy little villiage 20 Miles or so away just wasnt right for me. It was a small, shabby villiage where all you saw was fog and trees..It was surrounded by them. Like a secret passage towards a desserted place. Litteraly, no one was there, I knew about 10 people, and they all wanted my money. The villiage was full of pick pockets, always creeping up behind you.

My hands start to shake just as I pass the 24th hay bale. Thinking of my dreadful last days gets me worried. Like someones watching me, like someone is wanting to get all of the last few pieces of money out of my flowing pockets, attached loosely to my white frock. The pockets are not very good, not in the wind anyway.

Crows howl above me, screeching through my ears, making me shiver. The darkened world breezes around me, mooving my hair across my face, whipping me coldly. I suddenly smell the bonfire behind me, staining my clothes with a gritty scent, making me heave.

In the distance, I see more trees, and more hay.. Nothing much new. Its getting very dark now, and clouds are starting to appear... Maybe its rain? But I cant do anything about it now, im in the bare countryside. When I have got my head cleared, Im going to to travel to somewhere peacefull, and everything will finnaly slip into place.

Something just keeps going wrong, my horse keeps stopping, feeling uncertain of her next move, will she be able to carry on running? Or maybe she is hungry.. But I have no recources left.. I dont really know how many more days or hours I'll be left here... But I'll just have to keep going.


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