After discovery of her ability to command the weather, Seraphina West realizes that her talent is too great to control and begins to seek help at the Safe House, a place for people with gifts such as hers. Others are seeking to take advantage of Seraphina’s impressive talent, leading to the disappearance of her close friend Lizabeth as well as the mention of Seraphina’s lineage linked to the first West Wind decedent. As Seraphina’s powers grow increasingly unstable, and not willing to risk the new friendships forged in the Safe House, she turns to the aid of Elderidge, a knowledgeable man who is willing to help her overcome her talent’s control, but soon Seraphina wonders if she will be able to pay the price…
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7. Chapter Seven

Seraphina watched as Kempton walked in the direction the other’s left, gleaming with happiness at the supposed joke she had told. But, it wasn’t. Kempton was  the boy from the hospital: Seraphina was sure about that. Their resemblance was unreal. It had to be him. Who else could it have been?


            She slid back into the chair in front of the vanity, her eyes scanning the room that was now hers. The room, house and care: it was all hers. They were the little things she had never had. Lizabeth seemed to be the only thing missing from this perfect portrait.


            “Do not remember,” Seraphina whispered to herself, heaving in a heavy sigh. She leaned back, closing her eyes to refocus herself. “Leave your past behind you.”


            “How can you?”came a voice, the dark familiarity reassembling the person that owned it in her mind. Elderidge. “It follows you in your eyes.” Seraphina slowly opened her eyes, spotting Elderidge as he stood against the wall. His gaze was ever distant and mind at ease. “Violet eyes are the mark of a true West Wind Descendant.”


            Seraphina instantly stood, her fist tightened in rage, so that clouded over with her power. With it, came a stinging sensation in her wrists, but she did her best to ignore the pain it emanated. Her adrenalin set off, her fury zooming around in her mind. Rushing forward, she raised her clenched hand, hoping to summon a great wind or spike of lightning to send Elderidge flying.


            Before she had a chance to react, Elderidge raised his hand as well, gripping her wrist before it reached anywhere near him. The energy from Seraphina somehow deflated, leaving her to seem dead.


            “I am here to talk to you,” Elderidge said, his voice raised as he glared at her aggressive move. “I am in no mood to fight at the moment, and you should be gracious to accept that. You would be killed in a second if I had it my way,” Elderidge released her hand, sending her stumbling back, “But the fates are not in my favor.”


            Seraphina regained her balance, gazing at her wrist. Elderidge had burned it, leaving the skin red, yet there was little pain. Elderidge’s hand returned to skin, it fiery color melting away. The embers were not as strong as they usually were, and Seraphina knew that Elderidge would have vaporized her if he could. But he didn’t.


            He was weak, resting from pervious battle and the good job Seraphina had down tearing him down.


             “You are the liar now,” she replied through clenched teeth, motioning to her wrist.


            “Am I?” He asked, sarcastically appalled by her comment. “I came to explain everything: the mere reason for my… supposed threats towards you.”


            “Supposed?” Seraphina shot back, preparing to strike Elderidge. “You killed Lizabeth.” Suddenly, something took over her, her mind on the fritz. Her thoughts calmed to a tranquility, and the thought of harming Elderidge seemed far out.


            Elderidge smiled to see Seraphina begin to calm. His plan was working perfectly.


            “Did I?” He questioned, a conniving smile spreading across his face. “Or are you at fault?”

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