After discovery of her ability to command the weather, Seraphina West realizes that her talent is too great to control and begins to seek help at the Safe House, a place for people with gifts such as hers. Others are seeking to take advantage of Seraphina’s impressive talent, leading to the disappearance of her close friend Lizabeth as well as the mention of Seraphina’s lineage linked to the first West Wind decedent. As Seraphina’s powers grow increasingly unstable, and not willing to risk the new friendships forged in the Safe House, she turns to the aid of Elderidge, a knowledgeable man who is willing to help her overcome her talent’s control, but soon Seraphina wonders if she will be able to pay the price…
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9. Chapter Nine

Annisa sat at the kitchen table, partly amused to the antics of Kempton and Tucker, as they attempted to make dinner. She hid a smile as the water boiled over, foaming up and out of the pot, sizzling on the heated burner.


            Kempton swore, trying to remove the pot with his bare hands, but drew back, his hand partly burned. Tucker grabbed a towel, taking the pot of the burner himself as Kempton began soaking the searing skin in water.


            “It takes two idiots to make dinner,” Annisa commented, turning the page to her spell book, “But I’ll be the one to clean it up in the end.” Kempton shot her an annoyed look, though she pretended not to notice, continuing to study the ancient writings.


            “That’s it,” Kempton said, placing the box of uncooked pasta into the cupboard. He turned to Tucker, who was placing the hot pot in the sink. “Fly downtown and grab us a pizza.” He motioned to the door, but Tucker remained in the kitchen.


            “Why should I?” Tucker asked.


            “I’m still trying to fix up my car,” Kempton said, pulling out some money from his pocket. He motioned to Annisa as he added, “It would have been finished by now, if Annisa would have used a bit of her magic.”


            “It’s not the answer to everything,” Annisa replied quickly, closing her book and putting it under her arm. “Except when I have to do dished,” she added. Slyly she looked to Tucker, “Tucker is on dish duty tonight.”


            “I’ll get pizza,” Tucker announced quickly, levitating in mid-air. He snagged the money out of Kempton’s hand and flew out the door.


            “I love being able to control people’s minds,” Kempton chuckled, “People with inhuman abilities have the upper hand in life.”


            “Don’t let Evert hear that,” Annisa laughed, placing her spell book on the shelf. “You’d get ‘the lecture’.” Kempton nodded in agreement.


            Evert may have been considered uptight, or maybe it was because he was such a natural born leader. He might not have been the oldest, but when he said anything, his was voice was mixed between a drill sergeant and a sibling. Evert had the greatest understanding of talents, but also the greatest struggle.


            Suddenly, a red bird sitting on a tree outside chirped a shrill call, loud and clear. Annisa flinched at the sound, half covering one of her ears to protect it from the call. They both knew what that meant: Addy was annoyed.


            Being able to talk to birds, they tended to Addy’s portray anger, frustration, sadness, and extreme excitement. It tended to warn people about what the next conversation with her Addy might turn. Though she was a happy-go-lucky person, she could be headstrong.


            “Uh oh,” Addy smiled, entering the room with Evert’s hand in hers. “You used air quotes. His lectures aren’t that bad.” Annisa blushed, her eyes avoiding Addy and Evert.


            “Well,” Kempton said, stepping back, “I didn’t say anything. Looks like Annisa is talking smack about you behind your back.” He shrugged, though Annisa playfully hit him in the arm.


            “Why don’t you get our guest for dinner?” Annisa replied, shooing him out of the room. Kempton left willingly, quickly heading up the stars. “Tersum luto velox,” she whispered, and the dishes in the sink began to rise. Focusing, Annisa used her finger to guide each dish under the running water and into the dishwasher. She closed her eyes for this precise task. One false move and the dish would shatter.


            She didn’t notice when Evert left the room,  or when Addy stood right behind her.


            “Annisa?” Addy whispered, biting her lip. The dishes continued to move as Annisa guided them in extreme focus. “Annisa,” she said a bit louder. The dish lower, but then resumed its path through the water. “Annisa!” Addy called louder, making Annisa loose focus and let the dish plummet to the floor.


            Annisa rushed forward, gathering the pieces of porcelain in her hands. Addy did the same, helping as well.


            “Sorry,” Addy added, “I just need you to be nice to Evert for a bit.” Addy stood, dumping the pieces into a trash bag. “He is still a bit uneasy from a couple days ago.” Addy sighed, her eyes closing for brief moment. “Turning down the offer from that college of science and medicine, was a big deal. He thinks it is his fault.”


            “No,” Annisa replied, doing the same with the dish fragments. “I didn’t mean to let Evert hear any of that. I just tried to make light of the conversation.” Annisa paused, her eyes wandering distantly. “Trying to stay on his good side is in my best interest right now.


            A wide smile spread across Addy’s face, her eyes lighting up. “I believe it is time to confess to a possible love interest,” she whispered, a slight laugh escaping her. Annisa shook her head, but Addy persisted. “You would be so cute! You could be called… ‘Kannisa’.” Annisa raised an eyebrow, questioning what that was. “That would be your couple name,” Addy clarified.


            “It is nothing like that,” Annisa said, trying to shake it off. “I… I just don’t think Kempton should be reading our minds, or even controlling them. We will never be sure how many decision will have been influenced by him, not us.”


            “And this isn’t just a cover-up for your secret love and your plans to elope in the countryside?” Addy sighed, clasping her hands together. A bird sang quietly outside as the daydream persisted in Addy’s mind.


            “No!”Annisa replied, exasperated. “I am creating a spell to block his brain waves from entering ours. He could be normal and our business would be our business.” Annisa crossed her arms, waiting for the idea to sink into Addy’s thoughts. After a second, another smile was created.


            “Brilliant!” Addy replied, suddenly excited. “I want to be the one to test it,” she proclaimed.


            “Really? I’m not sure how humans will be able to handle…” Annisa faded off, as she sighted Kempton and Seraphina walking down the stairs. Out of the corner of her mouth, she whispered to Addy, “Not a thought.”

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