After discovery of her ability to command the weather, Seraphina West realizes that her talent is too great to control and begins to seek help at the Safe House, a place for people with gifts such as hers. Others are seeking to take advantage of Seraphina’s impressive talent, leading to the disappearance of her close friend Lizabeth as well as the mention of Seraphina’s lineage linked to the first West Wind decedent. As Seraphina’s powers grow increasingly unstable, and not willing to risk the new friendships forged in the Safe House, she turns to the aid of Elderidge, a knowledgeable man who is willing to help her overcome her talent’s control, but soon Seraphina wonders if she will be able to pay the price…
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8. Chapter Eight

“Nothing,” Arthur replied, still computing through a stock pile of information. “We only know her name because she checked into a hospital a great distance from here about four months ago.”


            “Nothing?” Evert echoed, perplexed. How could Seraphina not have any information? She barely had an identity. “Are you sure?”


            “She never attended public school,” Arthur replied. Evert followed along on a laptop placed on his desk. He scrolled through the data base, scanning through anything pertaining to the name Seraphina West. There wasn’t anything about the Seraphina they had in the Safe House. “Never had an online profile, credit card and lived in a very secluded area of the town. She isn’t even listed in the census.”


            “According to society,” Evert said, shutting the laptop. “She doesn’t exist.”




            He began to reopen the laptop. There had to be something that mentioned Seraphina. Evert pressed the power button, but the computer would not respond. On the screen, cracks appeared, the display broken. He leaned forward, rubbing his forehead.


            That was the second one this month.           


            Eighteen years, and he still hadn’t managed to tame his strength. It was the ‘gift’ he had been given, but it seemed more like a curse. He caused the Safe House more pain than he did provide help. Sliding doors, wall computer displays, and extreme concrete walls were the things that could help prevent his strength from doing damage, but it wasn’t enough.


            With a swift motion he could easily break a wall in half, and it all would be by accident. It was as if he was the accident.


            A knock came from the door and it slid to the side, revealing Adeline Wren, one of the few reasons he had to live. She floated over, a sincere smile appearing.


            “You look upset,” Addy said, flipping on a light to better illuminate Evert’s bedroom. She gave him a kiss on his cheek, and then her eyes were suddenly set on the broken laptop. “Perhaps it would be best to get you a desk top computer,” she smiled, trying to lighten the mood, but Evert’s disposition remained grim.


            He broke that computer. Just like everything else he touched.


            “So,” Addy added, wanting to switch the subject, “Did you find anything about our guest?” Evert shot out of the daze, though his mind was still depressed.


            “No,” Evert replied, standing. “She doesn’t even exist. No birth or criminal records. Nothing.”


            “You seemed thrilled to be doing research,” Addy said, curiously.


            “I’m back in my element,” Evert replied, motioning to his cluttered desk. Papers clogged every space on the top so that you couldn’t see the true color of the wood that formed the frame. Binders and Folders overflowed from the drawers and emptied onto the floor. “It also helps me to get away from myself. I still feel like I hold you back.”


            “You don’t Evert,” Addy replied quickly. “Those scholarships can wait; I’ll go to college when I am ready. We belong with people like us, in the Safe House.” Addy intertwined her fingers with his, pressing their palms together. If Evert dared to do the same, Addy’s hand would have been crushed. If only I didn’t have super human strength, Evert thought, if only I were normal.


            A bird began to sing outside the window, its tune loud enough to hear even inside the room. It was a healthy blue jay, happily singing as it soaked up the wind in its feathers. Evert shot Addy a curious glance, and she smiled back.


            Together they walked out of the room, towards the dining hall for dinner. The others would be interested to know that Seraphina didn’t exist.

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