The Shadow of World

"When the stars spread wings of light linked to her eyes that thirst for enlightenment of star, even though the star is obtained from far-off distance, at the same distance which separated the perfect time to enjoy the light or the eye to hide peering eyes of the heart was the light of "


1. Part One

          Wonderful time ... keep supporting each other ... with the power to know him brings to conquer the world to survive even to breath no longer blows. Sometimes the soul is present boredom in the past and regret the past ... so it still valid?

          Soul in the past are still valid and is filled by the beauty of all aspects of life because of the strength of the world. Sometimes the accident when lost direction and away from the bear ... so that karma is a game created exclusively human.

           A sign of divine power, beings who try not ready to accept the tragedy "does not trouble no coincidence that all? ", As if by chance the same thing as insulting the Divine does not" work ". For human weakness of faith on the road for a shortcut to avoid the disaster and distress that he could not describe to eventually become resistant to the evil spirit was in fact not to befriend him.

           Beings sometimes difficult to interpret the string of events to the occurrence of events or incidents it was difficult to accept reality as a dream and dreams do not meet the goal for steps


          It takes time for the world to show the human eye everything changes never known the word tired, he was able to wake up with smiles when the human was asleep in bed and sleep, sometimes disturbed by the disease as though our lives are limited. Shows the future of the world while the ban on what we see the future not have to look at the past, because we are here to create a "home" during the - ever.

         Together forever even though nothing in life that made different there, with an oath to do everything until there is no breath in them. Is not different is not a bad thing? He also let the best man that made them the praise of the PASSION ............. received nothing nothing if not shared around her heart.

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