Mystic Adolescense

A beautiful journey everyone has experienced.......




Where did my childhood go?

leaving behind just an innocent face?

successfully hiding dark thoughts

which continue to leave a dark trace.


Thoughts that literally confused me

and raised the level of ambiguity

which my physical changes had set in..

what was the reason behind their vicinity????


Strange sensations enter the heart

and I start liking someone

who was a stranger till now

is suddenly second to none.


Groups of youngsters on the street

are finding me intereting  all of a sudden!!

why are my lips breaking into a smile

at every ounce of attention??


Queries like who ,when and why?

are storming my mind

distracting me from my goals

 to a world of a different kind.


Where temptations  intoxicate

just like the smell of poppies

and its not just me out there

there are many more such beauties.


So we decided amongst ourselves

and opened our hearts unanimously

searching for the right solutions

but finding none till infinity.


Thus we chose to befriend our moms

who had already crossed this age

and they told us-It was ADOLESCENCE

a beautiful and tempting cage.


They explained everything about it

and removed all our confusions.

They reminded us of our goals

and succesfully dispelled the illusions.

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