Who Ever Said Love Was Nice

There is this girl Erica Hadden she has two best friends, Rachel and Jacob. But, soon she finds out that Jacob is in love with her. She ends up running into a new face and they hit it off right away. But, things don't go that easy. Jacob shows his love for her and she has to decide whether she wants to be with her long time best friend, Jacob. Or the new guy she's madly in love with, Jeff.


7. Chapter 7

~~ A couple months down the road~~ Jeff and I got married we live in my apartment now. We go through day in and day out still madly in love with each other.

"Good morning sunshine." I awoke to Jeff looking at me smiling.

"Good morning." I smiled back at him stretching. It was a warm Saturday and we had nothing planned today. I had no clue what we were going to do and clearly Jeff thought the same.

"Any ideas?"

"Nope." I laughed. "We could sit on the couch and read novels together like an adorable couple." I laughed a little again.

"I have a case to study if you would like to help." He smiled his bright smile and I just leaned in and kissed him.

"How about no to the case." I leaned in and kissed him again. He kissed me back and my smile broke it. "Sorry." I apologized biting my lip.

"It's fine." He sent me a smile and leaned in for another kiss. We continued to kiss until my stomach sent out a huge grumble and I blushed embarrassed. Jeff laughed and we got out of bed.

"Does breakfast sound good to you?" Jeff asked me still slightly laughing.

"I'd love some." We got out of bed and Jeff made me breakfast. After realizing we had almost nothing in the apartment I decided I would give Jeff some time to study his case and I would go to the store. I ate cereal with no milk and got ready for the store. I gave Jeff a kiss goodbye and was off to the store.

I was in the produce isle looking at some oranges. I picked through them and dropped one. A man's shoe stepped near it and he bent down to pick it up. "Here you go." Jacob said smiling at me.

"Jacob!" I have to say, I was happy to see him because he was, at one point, my best friend. I gave Jacob a huge hug when it started getting awkward I let him go. "How's it been?" I asked him.

"It's been good. I found Victoria." A bleach blonde girl with a fake tan and acrylic nails walked over. She wore at least 5 inch stilettos, a low cut shirt, and very, VERY short shorts. I threw on a fake smile.

"Nice to meet you." I extended my hand.

"Oh hi! It's nice to meet you too!" Her voice sounded fake, everything about her seemed fake. "Excuse me sweetie I have to go powder my nose."

"Okay sweetie." Jacob and Victoria gave an intense kiss. Victoria scurried away in her giant heels.

"Like she needs anymore powder on that fake nose." I said quietly mostly to myself.

"I know right." Jacob laughed at my comment and then looked at me. He gazed into my eyes and I was sucked in. Jacob grabbed for me and kissed me, he continued to kiss me and wouldn't let me go. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't refuse the kiss. It meant something to me. I dropped the basket and wrapped my arms around Jacob.



~~ 1 year later ~~

After a lot of pushing, it was out, my new baby, my new little girl. I wiped away tears that continued to flow of happiness. The doctor asked if I wanted to hold the baby after they cleaned it off.

"Yes, I do." I wiped away my last tear and they handed me the baby. I kissed it's forehead. It was my baby.

"Do you know the name of the baby?" Asked one of the doctors.

"Yes, we've decided on Victoria, Victoria Stacy." I looked up at my husband. "Do you want to hold our new baby girl." I looked over at him.

"I'd love to." he answered smiling from ear to ear. I handed the baby over to him.

"Say hi to daddy." I smiled at Jacob holding our new little girl as he sat next to me.

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