Who Ever Said Love Was Nice

There is this girl Erica Hadden she has two best friends, Rachel and Jacob. But, soon she finds out that Jacob is in love with her. She ends up running into a new face and they hit it off right away. But, things don't go that easy. Jacob shows his love for her and she has to decide whether she wants to be with her long time best friend, Jacob. Or the new guy she's madly in love with, Jeff.


3. Chapter 3

I grabbed the pillow on my couch and I chucked it into the kitchen knocking over the leftover brownies that were sitting on the counter. I ran over to them and burst out into tears. I had ruined everything. My friendship with Jacob would never be the same and Jeff hated me. I messed up, big time. I sat on the kitchen floor exploding with tears when my phone started buzzing on the coffee table.

I got up and walked over to the table. I wiped my tears away and looked at the phone. Rachel texted me. Need a friend? It read. I didn't respond it returned back to messages. I had an unopened message that I never checked from last night. It was from Jeff. It read: I know this is really soon, but I love you and I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together :) I need to talk to you tomorrow. It's important! I wanted to die inside. I put my phone back down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. I burst out into tears again and then I heard a knock on the door. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, but I got up anyways to see who it was. It was Rachel. I opened the door and she saw the tears streaming down my face. She gave me a huge hug and we just stood there for a minute while I cried. One of the people across the hallway came out. She was probably 85.

"Shut up you whiney brat!" Mrs. Creason yelled at us pointing her cane. Rachel released me and we both laughed. We went into my apartment and shut the door. Rachel sat me on the couch and went into the kitchen to make me some coffee.

She brought me the coffee and sat down on the couch with me.

"Thanks." I sniffled.

"No problem." She got the tissue box and handed it to me. "We don't have to talk about it." She said.

"Did you know you are the greatest friend ever!" I smiled at her.

"Well since we have nothing else to do, we are going to pull out some old scrapbooks we made together." She got up and walked over to my closet.

"Oh no." I said laughing. She pulled out a box full of scrapbooks and picked one out and it had a picture of Jacob, her, and me on the cover. She attempted to put it back in the box, but I stopped her and told her to bring it over. She sat down on the couch and I took a sip of my steaming coffee.

I took a deep breath and opened the scrapbook. It was filled with picture after picture of all of us having a great time together. I couldn't tell before, but in every single picture Jacob was almost always looking at me except for one when he had a frog on his shoulder. He had a huge fear of frogs. I have no clue why, though. A tear slid down my cheek and Rachel must have noticed because she took the scrapbook from me and put them all away.

She came to sit back down next to me as I took another sip of my coffee and she turned the TV on. A knock came from the door and I didn't know whether or not I should answer it. Rachel got up, but I told her to sit down and instead I got up and peered through the peep hole. It was Jacob. I didn't want to do this, but I unlocked the door. I opened the door and there stood Jacob with his big puppy eyes.

"Don't even look at me like that you disgusting pig! You are a terrible friend! I will never, EVER forgive you so just go now if you think I'm going to even rethink an apology --" I stopped there because I remembered that Jacob wasn't there for what happened. I dropped to my knees and started crying into my hands. I was ruining my life over one guy I just met. But, yet he seemed to be the last puzzle piece to finish my life.

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