The crazy life

it's about 5 girls who live a crazy life. And meet the boys of their dreams..


9. 9


*2 hours later*


The girls had meet the guys best friends, and found out they were really sweet and actually they all had boyfriends back home in London.

Nadja is together with a boy called Max; they have been together for 2 years now. She’s a football player in her spare time and she’s working as a journalist.

Marta is together with a boy called Siva; they have been together for a month now. She’s a model, and she has been on the cover of Vogue and Elle.

Cecilie is together with a boy called Jay; they have been together for 5 years now. She’s working at Vogue as a fashion journalist; she’s talking with the famous people and choosing outfits for the photo-shoots.

Inu is together with a boy called Josh; they have been together for 8 years now, and they have known each other from they were kids. She’s a big famous writer; she is working on a book called ‘The Hunger Games’ which is apparently going to be as big as ‘Twilight’.

Sabrina is together with a boy called Nathan; they have been together for 2 months now. She’s a really good singer and right now she’s working on a cd which will come out, about summer.

All the girls just sat talking, and the boys were bored so they decided to get some ice cream.

“OMG! How is it then…? To be a model” Sara asked Marta.

“I really don’t know how to describe it. It’s cool, I think” she laughed.

And the girls started talking about work, fashion, boyfriends/ex… even food came up.

*Half an hour later*

“Oh I see you’re having fun” Harry said and winked at Jessica, Jessica blushed.

“Yeah we’re just talking about you guy… And let me just say you look good” Hazel said and winked, the other girls started laughing.

“What? What do you mean?” Harry asked with a shaky voice and a weird look on his face.

“Oh I just mean you are very… Pretty… When you were 9” She answered and busted out laughing.

All the other girls started laughing, and Inu turned the computer screen so they all could see it; it was a beautiful picture, of Harry naked, with lipstick all over his face.

“OMG! Inu…! Why did you show them that” he yelled and the others started laughing.

“Aw, Harry you look kind of cute” Jessica said laughing.

“Oh, do you think that” he said and walked over to her, put her down on the bed and kissed her.

All the guys walked over to the girls and kissed them.

“Oh good night guys” Niall said and lifted Elie up and walked out of the door and into his bedroom. They both took their clothes off so they both ended up in underwear. Elie borrowed a shirt from Niall. They jumped up in the bed, cuddle together and fell asleep.

“We will go to bed too” Liam said and carried Sara in bride style.

“Night guys” Sara said before the door closed. They shared plenty of kiss before they finally reached Liam’s bedroom.

“We’ll go to bed too, night guys” all the best friends said and leaved the room.

 “Okay Harry, I just have to ask. Is your penis bigger now or is it still that small” Hazel asked and they all started laughing, included Harry.

“What? I was just feeling bad for Jessica, if she’s not getting any pleasure when you two… You know” Hazel said.

“Is having sex?” Harry said laughing.

“Oh god I love you” Louis said laughing and kissed her.

“Oh god Hazel, you can’t just ask people about that” Jessica said and blushed.

“No, it’s fine” he said.

“If you must know, it is. A lot!” he said with a smirk.

“Oh god, this conversation is getting too weird” Zayn said, stood up and took Alexandra’s hand.

“Night guys” she said before leaving the room. When the door closed Zayn turned and faced Alexandra, and kissed her with great passion.  She kissed ham back, he turned around.

“Jump up” Zayn said with a smile. And she did what he said, and when he had a tight grip he jumped to his room and Alexandra started laughing.

“Okay, we’ll go to bed too, night you too. Now, remember not to stay up all night” Louis said and winked.

“I was just about to say the same thing to you” Harry said and winked back.

“Nahh, I can’t promise anything” Louis said and took Hazel’s hand.

“Okay… Night you two” Hazel said laughing.

When they came back to his room Hazel asked “What did you mean with ‘ I can’t promise anything’” She asked and smiled cheeky.

“Nothing… Yet! Now I just want to cuddle with you… IN MY UNDERWEAR!” Louis said and took his clothes off until he was only in his underwear.

“Hey you too” he said and gave her puppy eyes.

“Okay, okay” Hazel said and dressed off. When she was finally standing in nothing but underwear too, Louis took her up, placed her on the bed, ran to the other side of the bed, got up and cuddle into her.

“Hmm, not it’s only us left. Come let’s go to bed” Harry said and stood up and reached a hand out to help her up.

“Thanks” she said and Harry took her hand helped her up, and led her into her room.

“Now when the others are sleeping in our suit, I thought it would be nice if you and I slept here” he said with a shy smile.

“It sounds great” Jessica said and started undressing, Harry just stood there and looked at her.

“Are you not going to take that off too?” she asked and looked at him.

“Oh yes, I was just… Never mind” he said and took his clothes off.

In their underwear they crawled up, cuddle together and fell asleep.

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