The crazy life

it's about 5 girls who live a crazy life. And meet the boys of their dreams..


8. 8


The girls finally arrived at the hotel. They all were very tired and sad. The driver took their suitcases and bags out of the car, and placed them in the lobby.

“Have a nice day girls, hope you’ll enjoy Denmark… Bye” the driver said nice and walked back to the car.

“Bye” The girls said.

Sara and Hazel went over to the counter, to get the keys to their rooms.

“Hi I’m Hazel, and this is Sara. We have ordered two rooms till Friday” Hazel said.

“Yeah, I can see your names here” the lady said, turned around took two keys from the wall behind her.

“Here you go, room 309 and room 310. I hope you will have a lovely stay at Tivoli Hotel, have a nice day” she said and gave the keys to Sara and Hazel.

“Thank you, have a nice day too” the girls smiled and went back to the other girls.

“We have the keys, its room 309 and 310. Come on” Sara said, took her suitcase and bag, and walked over to the elevator.

“There isn’t room enough in the elevator” Sara said and looked back at the other girls.

“It’s you and Elie that’s going to sleep together, right?” Jessica asked and looked back at Sara.

“Yes, it is. And we’ve got room 309, why?” Sara said looking confused at Jessica.

“Then you and Elie can take this elevator, and the other girls and I can take that” Jessica said and smiled big.

“Alright clever bot” Sara said with a grin, and Jessica puffed to her.

All the girls walked into the elevators, with their bags and suitcases.

“See you upstairs, bye” Jessica yelled before the elevator doors closed.

When the elevator finally stopped and the girls walked out, and started looking for their rooms.

“It’s here” Elie yelled and all the girls walked over to her.

“Okay girls, we will see you tomorrow. Now I really need some sleep!” Alexandra said and walked into their room.

The other girls started laughing “We will see you tomorrow” Elie said and walked after Alexandra.


*The next morning 10:00am*

Hazel could suddenly feel some kind of person standing looking at her; she opened her eyes slow, and saw all the girls standing above her.

“ARGHH! What the hell are you doing” Hazel said her eyes totally opened now.

“Morning sleeping beauty” Alexandra said, reading a magazine not even looking up.

“Morning… Oh god I’m so tired” Hazel said and yawned.

“Yeah, sorry, but we’re not here to sleep, we are here to see something. So let’s get dressed so we can find something to eat” Elie said with a smile on her face.

Hazel yawned again and laid back down, this time with her pillow on top of her head.

“NO! Wake up now” Jessica said and throws a pillow against Hazel.

“Oh come on” Hazel yawned and throws the pillow back at Jessica.

“Okay girls stop, let’s get ready” Sara said and stood up, walking out on the bathroom.

Jessica stood up, walked over to her iPod, put it in her speakers and turned on for One Direction’s cd Up All Night. Suddenly the bathroom door swung up, and Sara came out dancing.

All the girls started dancing and got ready.

10 minutes later, somebody knocked on the door.

“Jessica would you please open” all the girls yelled and then started to laugh.

“Yeah” Jessica said and opened the door.

No it couldn’t be true not here…


“Would you please turn the music down, we are trying…” Harry said when he finally figured out who it was.

“Jessica?” Harry asked. Suddenly she closed the door right in front of him.

He kept knocking on the door, suddenly it sounded like somebody was talking, it got quite and suddenly, which sounded like an earth crack, was all the boys hammering on the door, yelling that they should open the door.

Jessica went to the bathroom, and Alexandra walked over and opened the door.

Alexandra opened the door slowly. “Hey guys, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Where’s Jessica” Harry asked and walked in.

“In the bathroom” She said and pointed at the door.

Suddenly Zayn just kissed Alexandra out of the blue, his arms going around her waist, with more and more passion.

“What? Why did you do that” Alexandra stammered. “Because I love you..” Zayn said shy.

Alexandra smiled big.

“Okay, enough! Where are the other girls?” Louis asked his eyes all over the little room.

“Girls come on” Alexandra yelled. And the three other girls came into the room.

The guys lighted up and ran over to the girls. Niall had so much speed on that he fell, but with Elie in his arms. When the landed on the ground they started laughing and kissed each other.

Liam and Sara was hugging and kissing, and kissing and hugging.

Louis and Hazel were lying on the bed cuddling and shared a kiss now and then. And the only one we missed was Jessica.

“Jessica please come out” Harry yelled with tears in his eyes.

“I can’t… The door won’t open!” She yelled back.

“Hey guys, would you please help me” Harry said and looked over at the other boys.

“Oh yeah of course” Liam said and stood up.

“Okay before you ruined the door, let me try” Elie said and stood up.

She walked to the door, took the handle and pulled it, and suddenly the door went open.

“OMG! How? Where? What?” Louis said and looked up.

“It’s called skills” She said and they all started laughing.

Harry and Jessica were hugging and shared a big passionate kiss.

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