The crazy life

it's about 5 girls who live a crazy life. And meet the boys of their dreams..


4. 4

“Where are you staying, and for how long?” Louis asked. “Hmmm, on a hotel called ‘Tivoli Hotel’ and we are staying there for a week. We are going on Sunday” Alexandra said and smiled to Zayn. “Is it only you two, or the other girls two?” Liam asked. “No the other girls are going too” Hazel said and smiled. Meanwhile, Jessica walked by the window. Alexandra that was sitting beside the window knocked on it. Jessica turned around and saw them; she smiled and walked into the café.


*Harry pov.*

Oh god… She’s so beautiful.

Suddenly I could feel someone poking me. I must have been staring at her for a while now. “Harry… Harry…? HARRY!!!” Louis yelled. “OMG Lou... You’re an idiot!” I said. “She said hi! Normally you say hi back” Louis said. “Shut up Lou” I said. “Hi I’m Jessica” she said. “Hi… I’m Harry” I said back, with a big smile on my face. “Yeah I know…” She said and blushed, she look cute when se blush.


*Harry pov. Done*

“Girls we have to go now, come on” Hazel said. “Oh yeah, bye guys” Alexandra said and stood up. “Oh wait! Can I have your phone number?” Zayn asked Alexandra. “Yeah, sure” Alexandra said and blushed. And then they all swapped numbers. “Bye guys” the girls said and went.

When the girls finally were home again, they told all about what had happened. And they freaked out, 20 min. after when they finally were calmed down again. “Oh yeah, and the boys gave us their phone numbers!!” Hazel screamed.

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