The crazy life

it's about 5 girls who live a crazy life. And meet the boys of their dreams..


11. 11


20 minutes later, all, except Alexandra and Zayn that still were asleep, were eating breakfast and enjoying each other.


Niall and Elie had almost eaten it all, but Liam told them to safe some to Alexandra and Zayn. Which neither of them, were happy about. So they decided to order a pizza, and in the meantime, they were lying on the couch, watching TV and just enjoying each other.

Jessica was sitting on Harry’s lap, talking to Sara. Harry’s arms were around Jessica’s waist, and their hands were intertwined. Harry was talking to Louis, like always.


Louis was sitting on the floor, his legs crossed, and Hazel’s head was resting on his thigh. Hazel was texting with some of her old friends, and Louis kept checking she wasn’t talking with any boys. Hazel’s dad texted her, when she was in the bathroom, so she didn’t hear it, but Louis did. Hazel had always called her parents by their first name, so it was her dad’s name that came up on the phone. Which Louis didn’t knew, so when he saw the text; “Hi sweet heart, miss you so much! Next time you’re in town, call me. Xx” Louis called him, told him to stay away Hazel and hung up. A few minutes later when Hazel came back, Louis asked her about whom this man was? She just laughed. She told him that in her family they just call each other by their first name; it has always been like that. So she called her father and Louis said sorry, and they had a good “father in law to son in law” talk. The others were laughing and Hazel was laughing so hard that no sound came out and tears were streaming down her face. Louis hit her gently on the arm and hung up; his face was red.


After about an hour, they all took some clothes on and went out, to see the beautiful Copenhagen. They were walking along the street in Copenhagen, also called Strøget. Hazel, Alexandra and Elie were running around on the street, running in and out of all the stores. Jessica was walking beside Harry and Louis, Harry and she was holding hands. Sara and Liam were hugging each other, and were looking like an old married couple. Niall was walking around with a bottle of ice cream and Zayn was looking after him, that he didn’t walk into someone. They agreed on trying the Round Tower and the bet on who came up first. They all lined up, and got ready. Jessica and Liam, didn’t want to, so they counted down. ”Okay guys, are you ready?” Liam asked. “YEAH” They yelled back. “Alright then… 3” Liam said. “2...” Jessica said. “1” Liam said, and there was a long silence. “GO!” They yelled together. And off they ran. “So you and Harry” Liam started. “Yes” Jessica said and looked at him. “How are you two? I mean that… Hmm I just wanted to make sure that you love Harry too, just as much as he loves you” Liam sighed, and Jessica looked at him again “I do love him! More than anything in the world, I would never do anything to hurt him, I promise!” Jessica said, and looked into his eyes. “Sorry, it’s just… I haven’t seen Harry like this before. He really loves you” Liam said and smiled, as they walked up the Round Tower half way up. “Yeah, I know. And I love him” Jessica said. And they talked all the way up.

When they finally reached the top, they saw Harry and Louis lying on the ground, Zayn and Elie laughing and the other girls sitting on the ground. “What happened?” Liam and Jessica asked at the same time. “Do never run up the Round Tower… AGAIN” Harry tried to speak. Liam and Jessica just started laughing and walked over to the others to help them up. When they all were ready, they walk over to see the view. “Wow” They all said. After some minutes they all walked down again.

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