The crazy life

it's about 5 girls who live a crazy life. And meet the boys of their dreams..


10. 10


*10:00am next morning*


Elie were in a peaceful sleep, dreaming about her and Niall getting married, when suddenly heard somebody moaning, her eyes flew open and looked around the room, her eyes suddenly stop on Niall lying in the bed eating a sandwich. “You want some” he asked, Elie started laughing. “No thanks, can I ask why you moan when you eat?” she said and laughed. “Hmmm, because I enjoy eating, like I enjoy something else that give you a bit more pleasure” he said and winked.  Elie started laughing and cuddle closer into his chest, taking a bit of the sandwich, before lying down again. Niall made a hurt face, but then kissed her on the nose.


Zayn and Alexandra were still asleep, cuddling, Alexandra’s head on Zayn’s chest, their hands intertwined and legs across each other’s.


Liam and Sara were already up, sitting in the living room, eating breakfast. “Would you please give me the milk Liam” Sara asked with a smile and looked him in the eyes. He took the milk and hold it above her head, “If you kiss me, I’ll give it to you” He said with a big smile. She learned herself towards him, and kissed him soft on the lips. “There you go” she said and took the milk. “Hey that wasn’t a kiss. I meant like this” he said and learned himself towards her, and kissed her with a lot of passion.

A few seconds later he pulled back, looked in to her eyes and said “That… was… amazing!” he said staring into her eyes, “Yes… really… amazing” she said back.


Hazel was in a peaceful sleep when she suddenly felt something tickle her “OMG! Stop! Stop!” she said between laughs. It stopped and she opened her eyes “Louis! Your idiot” she laughed and pushed him of the bed. “Woahh” Louis said before he landed on his bum on the floor, “Oh, revenge!” he said and jumped up in the bed again, this time kissing and licking her all over her face. She started laughing again “Okay! Okay! I give up!” she laughed. “Good! Now say you are sorry” he said and looked into her beautiful eyes “Sorry” she said with a grin “And… kiss me” he said and winked. Hazel put her arms around his neck and kissed him with big passion.


Harry kissed Jessica on her lips; they were still in bed, cuddled together, and their hands intertwined. Jessica opened her eyes slowly and she met the most beautiful green eyes, what could be a better way to wake up to? “I’m sorry to wake you up, but its 1:00 pm.” He said and smiled “Oh already” Jessica said and looked at the clock on the table beside the bed.

“Yes. No matter how much I just want to lay here and cuddle with you, and kiss with you” he said and kissed her lips, “We really have to get something to eat! I’m starving!” he said and they both started to laugh. “Let’s go then” she said and sat up. “Here you can borrow this shirt” Harry said and handled her, the white shirt he was wearing the day before. “Thanks, but what about you? You don’t have anything else to wear, except your pants” she said and stood up, and took the shirt on.

“I’ll just run down to our suite in underwear then” he laughed and took her hand.

They walked out of the room and walked to the door, unlocked it and Harry took the handle “Are you ready? 1… 2… 3… (flick) GO!” he said and they opened the door, closed it and ran to the boy’s suite.

When they finally reached it they ran in and closed the door, and the started laughing.

Liam and Sara were just staring at them “What the..?” Liam said before Harry cut him off “Don’t ask! So do we have some breakfast” Harry said, his hand still holding Jessica’s. “Yes, just sit down” Sara said and smiled. And they walked over and sat down.



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