Death is an experience know one wants to face but when it happens,in your very arms,the memory haunts you forever!


1. The Tragedy!

The night I witnessed death it was evil,pure evil within and without.It all happened in a blaze - a kaliedascope of lights.As she ran across the road self-assured.No reason to look twice - to look left -to look right but reason to cross the road like any normal being.Although she never made it across that road....her path was blocked instantly.A BMW came racing forwards; it's driver obviously oblivious.Cruising down the mellow road like a bolt of lightning destroying anything in its path:so I tried to stop it (but surely failed).Her body froze petrified to the spot,her mouth a clear 'o' shape,her brain having no intention to move...for it was to late.No action could prevent what was to happen - not even me.

Her body was sent flying.Raving to the ground like a rag doll being thrown across a room with no sense of any damage or decay.Her body hurtled faster...faster..faster as it and the floor made contact.The floor stood its ground conjuring a shield for no harm whereas she was shattered.The car revved on not stopping its exhaust exhaling the residue of its crime.Her body lay there bareless of all soul;skull smashed,ribs fractured,legs dislocated to a pulp,arms with no sense of direction,boken bones that no longer belonged to this was a utter mess.Everything took control to fast,in an instant all these events were made into reality,a morbid reality no eyes could bare to witness.

Squeals rose in my throat like a thunderous volcano errupting with cries-shrieks-shriels! What could I do ?:I ran heart pounding trying to regain consciousness after its moment of hault.that stupid reliant vehicle.I ran on to her stopping to my sight she was no longer her a figure lay beneath my feet...lifess.What was this that lay before me.I crouched beside the figure the girl I once knew.


My first thought was to soothe her.I whispered her name tapping her gingerly,for I wasn't going to tap this thing forcefully not knowing what more damge It would cause.My whispers became into shouts louder echoing off the highstreet buildings.

"Anna please?"

I was screaming her name tears rising and dripping down like a gushing waterfall,what had become of her!


I cautiously beckoned her ( with no response) Into my arms as I cradled her hopelessly wondering if she would reply.I could faintly hear slow breaths but they were lacking and pacing far too slowly,Irregular in rhythm.There was barely no pulse at all - no movement - no nothing.I became embedded with scarlet blood,warming blood as she dripped in my arms,I cradled her onwards trying to make it better screaming howling into the street.My hands were covered in blood.Her head lay limp like a newborn baby's;no support,no emotion,no feelings,no beating heart,no racing pulse,no staining winter breath...NOTHING!

Sirens raced in midnight air alarmingly wild,people came gushing to the scene out of the shops even from their windows.A police car drove up towards us (hopefully not doing as the last).As an ambulance followed behind flashing fluorescent shimmers of light.Doors slammed as paramedics came towards us telling me everything was ok,everything was fine.It wasn't though it would never be alright again they could clearly see but they coudln't admit it...whether concious or not nothing would ever be the same.They stole her from me placing her on the gurney.Dripping their with blood I stepped in the back as the doors slammed with a bang.I clasped her stale fingers in my hands praying for luck.

 I stared at her pressing my earthy finger on her chalky cheek,feeling the a stale temperature drop,my lip curdled as my throat stung and buzzed,I clasped her hand holding it into mine leaving her skin a rough red (of dry blood).I tried to vision a spirit rising from her now corpse: where she would meet heaven.Though it never happened maybe there was still hope but Anna never looked more dead to me than ever before!


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