Blood Sea

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  • Published: 17 Mar 2012
  • Updated: 17 Mar 2012
  • Status: Complete
Having a disease that can't go away and won't kill you either is harsh. Periods of continues pain can cause stuff like this to happen in the mind. Kinda like a daydream...


1. A Daydream Of Blood

The sand etched it's way into my paw pads. The sinking sun gave the impression of a blood red sea. My fur stood on the end as a chilled breeze ruffled my red pelt. I started running towards the sea of blood. Tail held high, tongue lolling, claws ripping and tearing the patches of dead grass from the sandy ground beneath my paws. As I raced the shore, the blood lapped at my sticky paws. Soiling and dirtying them with body liquid. My whiskers twitched as I raised my head towards the sky. A crow's dry screech penetrated the furred ears that rested on my head, making a buzzing sound that continued to roam in my skull as the sun sank. I stuck out my tongue and slowly inched towards the sea surface. The red liquid lingered on my tongue as I swiped the pink organ across my muzzle, smearing the substance over my fur. The liquid color matching my own fur. Leg muscles stretched as I started trotting into the open sea. Slowly and steady the blood sea reached my neck fur, suffocating me. I continued walking until the wave came. Drowning me... Killing me, as the crow watched with hungry and lust filled eyes. Devouring my very soul and being. Tearing away my flesh with it's stare. Eating me alive as I slowly die...

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