This is a story about Cheetah & Luce, two persons who are different in every aspect but love. Do you want to read the story about Cheetah & Luce and marvel at that universe, where you're always in danger and possibly close to love. So close, that you can burn yourself. So close, that you become confused. So close, that you don't know what to choose?
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We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

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18. Sweet Revenge Makes a Bad Cycle

The present (Luce)


I don't want to remember what happened to me, but everytime I glimpse Rebakah my body goes icy. I don't tell Cheetah, that Rebakah is currently trying to enroll at the University, but I know he knows, because he or one of his mates is always there, hiding in a corner, lurking, protecting me.

In the times I spend with him, he always tries to steer the conversation into a safe area but I can feel the thoughts inside him, how they're building themselves up, becoming a plan of revenge.

When I sit at home in my room, I breath more evenly than when I am outside. In my room I can feel Cheetah's presence, his gentle touches and shimmering eyes. Outside I feel watched, too aware of every movement, afraid.

Not to say, that Cheetah ever lets me go around alone, but I feel hunted. I don't tell him that, but when he looks me in the eye, just before kissing me, I know he can see me. I know he can read my anxiety. And that's why I know he's making a plan to take revenge.

Of course Rebakah fled when she found out that Cheetah knew with whom she had her loyalties. Leaf is devastated, but his nature is just too cheery and he can't be unhappy in more than an hour.

Sitting in the café, waiting for Cheetah, my thoughs roll around inside me, trying to think of something that can make Cheetah stop his plans.

"Hey, Luce."

I give myself credit for not jumping. Cheetah gives me a soft peck on my cheek before sliding into a chair beside me.

"You're grinning," I say, noticing the smile on his face and the giddiness inside him.

"I finally have time to be with you. Of course I am grinning," he puts his arm around my shoulders and I immediately go soft.

"You're hiding something."

"Of course I am," he says with wriggling eyebrows. I smile in spite of myself. The other hand dramatically comes up in a closed fist. My imagination goes wild but I push the pictures of engagement rings away, until my mind is blank.

"What do you wish this to be?"

I open my mouth and blush fiercely. Then I try to be cocky, "Well, young man. Every lady would like a diamond of her very own."

Cheetah laughs merrily, and I really start to wonder why he is so happy, "When I become rich I'll buy the most expensive stone in the world."

I pout and lean forward, trying to measure his fist and the thing inside it. His voice in my right ear startles me when he whispers gently, "Tell me what you wish for, Luce."

It's sometime before I can find my voice, "I wish that you'll never be in danger, Cheetah."

"Danger is my nature."

I look at him, believing him. I try another one, "I wish that you will not get into a bad cycle, Cheetah."

He rolls his eyes at me, "Luce. I am a bad cycle. I was born into a bad cycle."

"But you can break the bonds holding you inside."

Cheetah's merriness slowly fades from his face, "So you don't accept me, Luce?"

I close my eyes, "I accept you too much to care about myself. Isn't that enough?"

A silence, then a question, "Then why these requests and wishes?"

I open my eyes and look inside his, "Do you think a mother can live without worry when her children are in school?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Do you think that a mother will never worry about her daughter when she herself has been tortured and raped?"

Cheetah's eyes start to widen, "Are you pregnant, Luce?" his voice is frightened, to say the least.

I shake my head, "You made me take the morning after pills."

His face goes all shaky and he looks intently at me, "What about after when we were together?"

"Cheetah. Can you be sensible for just a moment?"

He nods. I try to compose myself, but his face is intriguing, "Are you really so afraid of me being pregnant?"

He opens his mouth and closes it again. Then he draws a deep breath, "I am afraid what will happen if your parents find out."

"I am not pregnant, Cheetah. Rest assured."

He nods, then looks at his closed fist. His smile starts again and he looks at me, "What do you wish this to be, Luce?"

"You didn't answer my question, Cheetah."

"Which one?"

"About the mother and the worry."

His eyes narrow slightly and he looks away. I know why. He has always wished for a real mother, who cared for him. But his mother doesn't even ask about him. Not even whe he hasn't been at home in a long span of time.

"So?" I ask, when I feel that he has had too much time to revel in his misery.

"A proper mother would worry."

I find out that my questions aren't leading us in the way I want them to. So I decide to answer his question, "I wish the thing to be something that can make you think sensibly?" I kind of ask, trying to goad him. Cheetah just smiles at me, and gives me a faint kiss on my hand.

"You're driving me crazy, Cheetah! What is it?"

"I can give you a hint."

"What is it then?"

"You'll be overly glad to see it, since it didn't get me into trouble."

I swat playfully at him, having decided not to think at all, "I give up, Cheetah."

His fingers open up, one at a time, until the thing inside his fist is revealed. I look at it for a long time, trying to understand what the piece in his hand is.

"What is it?" I ask, furrowing my brows.

He puts it gently on the table and crosses his arms.


My voice is serious when I answer him, "Don't play with me, Cheetah. What is this?"

"A tooth."

Confirming my growing suspicion I look up at him, "Whose tooth?"

"Isn't it obvoius?"

I don't answer and he starts to look scared, "Snake's tooth."

I look again at the gold tooth and up at him again, "And how come this is with you?"

"I beat him?"

"You beat him?" I ask, my heart a block of ice inside me.

"I did," he says, satisfied. But the block of ice is turning to stone inside me, pulling me down.

"You did?"

He nods again.

"Cheetah, you idiot," I say furiously, causing too many faces to look our way. Cheetah waves them away and speaks in a low whisper, "Why am I an idiot?"

"Because you beat Snake?" I want to punch his face, so his jaw can go askew, but I don't do it, trying to sit hard on my hands.

"How can you be so happy, Cheetah? Don't you think he'll be after you again? Maybe when you have children? Next time they might not go easy."

"Whoa, Luce. Just a second."

I throw daggers at him with my eyes, trying to understand the situation, thinking of a way to make all this right again.

"How could you?" I ask again.

"Animal's Cycle."

"I beg your pardon?"

Cheetah leans forward, and I find myself thinking where it will hurt if I punch him.

"If you want to settle a debt or take revenge you call for an Animal's Cycle. In this Cycle, you call someone up and you punch each other until one of you is splayed on the ground. The rules say that one must not take revenge on anything that happens in the Cycle, even if one of the two opposing parts die."

"Who made you think that Snake will abide by these rules?"

"Because it's sacred rules."

"Aren't there rules that forbid gangs to interfere with normal civilisation?"

"There are," Cheetah says tentatively.

"God, Cheetah. Couldn't you have used your brain?" it's the anger and fear driving me, and I know I am hurting him. I can see that by the look on his face. But my tongue doesn't stop. It's like it's a machine, not at all under my command, "What are you going to do when Snake breaks the rule again? Will you forever live in danger? Will you forever be afraid and worried that Snake might do something that'll hurt you or the ones you love? Will you - "

"Shut it."

His tone is ice cold. Fear settles down my throat and regret at my words swim like fish in a never ending sea. I choke on the fishes in my throat, feeling the tears welling up.


"I said shut it."

I just stare at him. I don't want him to leave without explaining. It doesn't look like he intend to end it like this. He grips my arm, hard, and takes the damned tooth in the other. Then he drags me out, and I try to make sure that nobody realises that. He doesn't stop until we reach a park, the setting sun looking brilliant in the horizon. He forces my back against a tree. Then he breathes a sentence, that makes me go ice cold, "We are over."

"No we're not!" I say, shouting, gripping his arm and trying beyond my might to stop him from leaving me. "We're not over, Cheetah."

"Don't call me that."

"You can't, Pete."

"I can and I will. Have a good life."

"NO!" I cry out and discover the tears running down my cheeks. "You CAN'T!"

As easy as can be he pries my hand away from him and I try to grip him again, "You can't leave me!" I am crying in earnest know, sobbing, the snot having its go at fleeing.

"I am doing this for your own good."

"Who the HELL TOLD YOU that this is for my own GOOD, you idiot!"

His face is so emotionless, I fear that there have never been real feelings behind, "You're angry! You're just angry because I am worried. Because you can't stop the world from hurting any of the ones you love."

"Who told you that? Why do you like to imagine things?" His face is still so emotionless, I am having a hard time believing that he has ever loved me. I choke on a fish and swallow it down, burning my throat like I am swallowing a chest of treasure or something square.

"You can't leave me without giving me a proper explanation!"

"I am not good enough for you," he pries my hand away again, too easily, too smoothly and I find myself falling behind, looking at his retreating back, maybe for the last time, and I can't cope with that. I fall on my knees, scraping them on the hard pavement. He doesn't look back.  

"Cheetah!" I yell, the sobs fighting to silence me. "Cheetah!" I yell again. My heart is tearing apart and panic is cornering me. My fear of being left alone is increasing and the pain that he's causing me is throbbing in every cell in my body. I try to stand up and I can, and I try to run and stumble and nearly fall but I regain my balance and I run, trying to catch him, trying to get him to stop.

"Cheetah!" I call again, when he is a few feet away from me. He stops and turns to me, his eyes looking red but uncaring.

"I told you that we're over."

"You can't do this to me!"

"We're over."

"You promised."

The laugh that dances out of his mouth, freezes me to the bone. It's like hearing ice cubes laughing, like seeing an animal freezing inside a freezing blizzard. It's chilling and so cold, it's disturbing.

"I promised?" he says, mockingly, and my heart sinks down below the ground.

I try another thing, "You didn't give me an explanation!"

"I told you - "

"That's not an explanation. What you're doing is to cut all bonds between us, and these things can't be cut away, if no proper explanation is given. I can always follow you, but I will never follow you, if you explain yourself properly."

He looks at me, his eyes calculating, and I wonder at the red colouring his eyes, "Do you really mean that?"

No, my heart whispers. I will always follow you. I will hunt your dreams and your quarters. I will never let you go out without seeing me, without looking at me. I will always follow you.

To him, I nod, crossing my fingers behind my back.

"I am not worth you."

"That's not a proper explanation," I revel in these moments, where I can banter with him and hear his voice and maybe drive him out of the shell he's made around his heart.

"You're not accepting me."

"I am," I dry my tears with the back of my hand.

"You question my ability to think logically."

"I do, but that has never stopped you," I say, not wanting to lie, knowing that he knows that as much as me. Knowing, that I have told him that before.

When he doesn't say anymore I lift my chin a little and say, "See, you can't give a proper explanation."

"You didn't even thank me."

"Why would I thank you for getting yourself in danger?"

"That's why we're over. Because we view the world in two opposite ways."

I take a step towards him, "That, you can't say. You can't blame me for being overprotective. You can't blame me for worrying about you. You can't blame me for doing what any sensible girlfriend, fiancée or wife would do, to protect her love. I haven't in my life heard that advices kill relationships. I only want the best for you and your - " I hesitate, before saying what my heart has wanted to say, since he showed me his closed fist, " - our future. It was only an advice. I was only trying to let you see the logic."

"What if I only wanted a thank you? What if it's the only think I want? What if I only want the now? What if I don't mind living in danger? Can't you accept me then? Won't you?"

"Do you really want to live in worry your whole life?"

Cheetah looks at me and doesn't answer. I find that my answer doesn't even need his answer.

"My acceptance has never been a question."

"Then why butt in- "

"Because I love you. Because I worry about you."

A clapping suddenly disrupts my last sentence and a mocking voice breaks the silence, "What a teary reunion. What a hearty speech. I almost shed a tear. Almost."

His voice makes sudden panic erupt inside me. I know that voice. Fighting hard not to break down I move a few steps back, but Cheetah pulls me to him.

"Well, well, well. What do we have 'ere? What a lovely couple. A bitch and her dog. Well, well, well."

At that point I am shaking so hard, Cheetah is shaking with me. My remaining strength is only enough to hold me up. I can feel my bowels running out of my control and humiliating, warm urine makes its embarrassing way down my legs. Cheetah stirs and looks at me, and though I am sure he will push me away, he brings me closer, hiding me inside his massive embrace, and I start crying for all I am worth.

He whispers close to my neck, brushing his lips against my chin and my jawline, while Snake is still hissing, "Well. So lovely. I really do hope that we ain't interruptin' anythin' delicate. What a mighty kisser, yeh are, Cheetah."

Cheetah continues to ignore him, and the panic in me increases, the smell from my legs wafting up to me, nauseating me.

"What d'yeh think ye're playin' at, Cheetah? Look at 'im, guys! Let's applaud and cheer 'im on. Maybe we'll get to see 'em naked!"

His mates guffaw with him, chilling me down to my bones. My legs give away and if not for Cheetah's arms around me, I would be on the ground, wetting myself all over again. I am trying hard to stay where I am. Memories and nightmares are playing in my mind, and my eyes are seeing red and I am choking, falling, trying to get away from the grasping hands, who are holding me in place.

When I find out that I can't run away, I open my mouth and scream, and scream and scream so loudly my throat fails me, and no voice is left inside me. I open my eyes, crying, and there is Cheetah and then he is gone again and my voice is gone and I am drowning.

"Luce! It's me. Don't be afraid. I am here," his urgent whispering brings him forth again. There are still people around us, laughing, snickering and Snake's voice, cutting through them all, "Yer bitch sure whine. What'd ye make her do, eh? Did ye fu- "

An "argh"-sound erupts around us, and shouting and screaming flirt with each other. I am suddenly alone, and when I look for Cheetah, my movements frantic, I see him by Snake, kicking him, punching him, breaking him up while The Falcons are doing the same to The Scorpions. My feeling of relief changes to a feeling of panic, when I realise, that I am all alone.


I turn around only to find a huge guy approaching me, his eyes glinting as much as the knife in his hand. I stumble back and fall, paralyzed, unable to move.

"What a fine bitch ye've been. Woulda been better if ye'd stayed with us."

Before I can blink, a blur of motion attacks and they both fall to the ground. Around me everything is a movement of legs and arms and jawbreakers, until I can't see anything anymore. An ouch flies by me and then silence stirs the afternoon.

"Luce? Are you ok?"

I nod, but I am not okay. The satisfaction of seeing my torturers kicked and punched is souring inside me, and an opposite feeling of anger and shame at my thoughts is pouring out of me. Of fear for The Falcons' lives. Everything is being kicked inside me. Torments of blood and feelings are running mad inside me and I can only whisper a single word, "Why?"

Cheetah blinks at me, his fingers running through my hair, on my face, around my neck, "What?"

"Why? Why make a trap and start a fight, Cheetah? This is only going to make it worse. They'll want revenge, and you'll want revenge and this will just end in a bad cycle, never stopping, always in the middle of being hurt, of being afraid."

Cheetah's eyes harden and become distant and he looks at me, as though he isn't seeing me, "The distance between us cannot be made smaller, Lucy. I am sorry for bringing you in trouble. Farewell."

My face feels empty without his fingers on it. I feel cold. His presence was making me warm, but now I am getting cold. He stands up, without looking at me.


He looks at me, his eyes bricks and stones and no emotions, "Please do not call me by that name ever again."

My panic flares up and I choke on my words. I stumble and try to get up but I am pushed down, firmly, softly, but still pushed down, "Don't call the police before we've taken these away."

And I am looking at them, my eyes unseeing and blurry, because I've done something and the distance is an eternity of miles and distances. I lie there on the ground, freezing, remembering his soft hands on my face, his firm arms around me and my words. The disastrious words. Because I am right. 

Of course I am right.

But my heart feels hollow.

My emotions are gone.  

Because I am right.

And he's right.

But who's right?


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