This is a story about Cheetah & Luce, two persons who are different in every aspect but love. Do you want to read the story about Cheetah & Luce and marvel at that universe, where you're always in danger and possibly close to love. So close, that you can burn yourself. So close, that you become confused. So close, that you don't know what to choose?
If you want this and much more, do read this story, and do not hesitate to leave comments, be they deep criticism, hate comments or slightly more resigned comments. This world is full of wonders, and I am not one of them :p

Just an afterthough;
We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

Another afterthought:
How do you like the cover?

Another afterthought:
How do you (not) like the ending?

I would really, really like a real review of this story and some constructive criticism.
Thank you.


5. Questions (Cheetah)

The present


The house where Luce lives makes the hair on Cheetah's skin prickle. He can't seem to know exactly why, but he knows that it has something to do with the white walls, the too-big windows and the roof.

He shudders when the bushes make their appearance. He can't see any light in Lucy's bedroom. He knows it's her bedroom, because he has been there once before.

Worry and anxiety sweeps him away until he can't breath.

"Damn it, Luce!" he thinks, wondering how much of the blame should fall on her. He crawls forward, feeling eternity pass by before he is standing underneath her window. He thinks he can smell her. He throws a wary glance toward the living room windows, since it can't be anything else. A TV is flashing in there, and he wonders what her parents will think, if they knew he stood outside.

He dismisses the thought, although it doesn't leave him. He stands up, first allowing his hair to be seen, then his forehead, then his brows. He stops when his eyes find the room. He can't see a thing. The moon is not behind him. Only the light posts from the street.

He quickly turns around, searching the ground around him. But the bushes are hiding him slightly from view. He feels his skin crawling. He looks into her room again. This time his eyes catch a bed. The bed is neatly made. On the wall over the bed a shelf is carrying the weight of Lucy's wisdom. He knows them by heart. He had seen them on many occasions.

He can't see Lucy anywhere in her room.

Could she be in the living room with her parents?

He doesn't want to prove that thought. The chance of getting caught will be about ninety nine percent. He decides not to take the chance. However, he decides to call her phone a last time to see, if it's on or not, or if it's in her room or not.

No one takes the phone. No light flashes on inside her room. He puts his phone away just as a woman's voice makes him jump. His heart doesn't settle down before he has checked every corner of the garden.

No one is around.

Then a slightly lighter voice is heard.

Cheetah's heart stops.

It's Luce.

The worry has just lost its grip when his ears catch the edge in her voice. Her voice sounds strained, as if something has happened to her.

His eyes grow big.

He is sure something has happened to Luce.

He is sure that's the reason why she hasn't answered his calls.

Then another realization hits him.

Something really bad must have happened to her.

She always tells him everything.

Even the really bad thing.


He knows that for sure.

So what hell has she descended from?

He wants to roar his frustration out but contains himself. He looks around him.

Should he break in?

He shakes his head furiously. To break in would be to alert everyone to his presence. He only wants to see Luce. To talk to her. And with those fancy alarms, Cheetah wouldn't have a chance. He looks up and into the corners, thinking, that they, maybe, have video cameras around, recording everything around the house.

What should he do?"


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